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What warts appear?

The cause of the human body warts is the human papilloma virus (HPV). It is quite common. Virtually every adult is infected with any type of HPV, but most often several. In addition, in many countries is steadily growing prevalence of this infection and options from which warts appear quite a lot.

This virus affects the cells of the mucous membrane and epithelium. Modern medicine is familiar to 118 types of HPV. Each of them is associated with a particular disease. It is estimated that around 60% of the types provoke skin diseases, and about 40% of the rest caused by disease of the mucous membranes, more often affects the genitals.

The process of infection

The chance of Contracting HPV depends on several factors:

  • as far as the virus is active in humans, from which the infection occurs (more about this below);
  • the intensity and nature of contact;
  • how infected person's strong immune system.

The papilloma virus affects only the skin and mucous membranes. The penetration of the virus into the blood is possible, not it affects other organs.It is important to determine the type of disease, because there are Over time is the movement of epidermal cells from the bottom layer to the top. This process is accompanied by maturation of the epidermis. The Horny layer of the epidermis, which is at the top, gradually gets rid of dead skin cells. Occurs peeling of the skin.

Why the author of the article pays attention to the structure of the epidermis? It's very simple, the development cycle of HPV depends entirely on the development of epidermal cells. HPV replicates within the basal layer of the epidermis, located at the bottom. The cells of the virus Mature and move along with the epidermal cells in the upper layers. In that moment, when HPV reaches the stratum corneum of the epidermis, the virus becomes contagious.

Features of infection

To the characteristics of the HPV is the virus ' ability to be in two States:

In the inactive state the virus is in the basal layer of the epidermis. In this case, cell division is slow. But this virus isn't contagious, as it does not rise to the surface of the skin. To be in such as HPV for a very long time.

The active state is characterized by rapid cell proliferation of the virus. Almost always, he comes to the surface of the skin and dangerous to others.

If a person is infected with HPV, throughout the life of the patient the virus remains on the skin and mucous membranes. Many people infected with the virus of years to be in an inactive state and does not issue.

That is why most infected with HPV, there are no signs of infection. Insome cases the virus goes into a state of active. Usually this transition is associated with decreased immunity. Active HPV once it becomes contagious and can cause warts on the body.

It becomes clear that the warts appear on the skin when the virus becomes impervious to the immune system. Although it is possible that the situation is reversed: already developed warts under the influence of General and local immunity capable of independent resolution. A similar resolution occurs in 20% of cases within two months; 30% of cases resolution occurs in the first three months; 50% of permits occurs within two years.

Warts on the body of children more prone to self-resolution. In adults, with reduced immunity and in the long HPV self-resolution is very rare.

Behavior and treatment

The disease can occur in many different ways. Here are two options for a possible course of the disease: in the treatment of HPV and in the absence of treatment.

Behaviors of warts left untreated:

  • warts increase in number and size;
  • warts over a long period remain the same.
  • warts disappear independently.

Behaviors of warts in the treatment process:

  • warts disappear completely independently at the first stage of treatment;
  • the warts disappear gradually as the remedial process;
  • warts, despite increased treatment, showing resistance and not changing.

It should be understood that the process of the existence of warts is very different from the course of many diseases. If most of the diseases without proper treatment, it progresses and, when it receives the proper treatment there is a significant improvement or full recovery, in the case of warts is not the case.

Even the most progressive wart treatment can be ineffective and Vice versa, warts can disappear without any treatment, sometimes the skin may remain Pronounced tendency to samsarajade (autoinoculation) confirmed their viral origin. On the relationship between warts and disorders of the hormonal activities of the body speaks eloquently of their occurrence during menopause, obesity, diabetes, pregnancy.

Palmar-plantar warts most often appear in young and adults. The percentage of these warts from the total number is 34%. This solid education with the Horny layers. Plantar warts are difficult to diagnose, since in appearance they are very similar to calluses and Horny syphilitic papules. Read more in our article — Plantar warts:quick treatment of underlying causes and photos.

Palmar-plantar warts can appear on the area of the pressure tight shoes and can cause unbearable pain while walking. People with excessive sweating of hands and feet suffer from the rapid spread of warts, which are very very difficult to treat.