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Papillomas on the teat of the breast and under the breast

Papilloma is a benign tumor on the leg with the grain structure. Papilloma may be the color from white to dark brown, depending on the intensity of skin pigmentation. A single lesion in most cases does not cause any inconvenience and discomfort. However, the accumulation of the accumulation is a pathological process called papillomatosis.

The appearance of these benign tumors due to the presence of human papillomavirus in the body. It can affect the human body is not hardware dependent on gender and age. Most often it manifests in women.

The human papilloma virus can appear on any area of skin. He actively begins to emerge against the background of a weakened immune system. Special inconvenience deliver papilloma appeared on the nipple. Such education causes discomfort due to friction of the clothing.

The risk of HPV

Papilloma on breast nipple can relate to vnutrimatocny diseases. At the first sign of trouble should immediately contact your doctor to determine its treatment. This must be done even if it doesn't bother them.

The fact is that papilloma may indicate the development of cancer in the body. This is especially true in cases when the nipple appear colorless or spotting.

Causes of papilloma

As already noted, the cause of the papillomas is a virus. According to research by the human papilloma virus to remain in the body 60% of the total population of the planet. Among the main reasons of its occurrence note the contact with the sick person or his things. The virus enters the body through the skin or mucous membranes. Also not excluded cases of samsarajade this virus.

In order for the human papilloma virus manifested this requires a "push". In most cases, this immunosuppression.

Papilloma may appear during pregnancy. This is due to serious hormonal changes in the woman's body and drop the body's resistance to various viruses. This is the reason for the development of the virus and not the fact of pregnancy. Papilloma on the nipple may not cause harm to the unborn child, but do not delay her treatment.

Also papilloma on the nipple can occur for the following reasons:

  • injuries and cracks in the nipple;
  • injuries of the breast;
  • tight and uncomfortable lingerie;
  • failure to observe the rules of hygiene.

Symptoms of papillomatosis of the breast

After ingestion of virus, it can long enough not to show. But if there are favorable factors for its development, the body begins the process that indicatesfailures in its work. Then begin to form papillomas, or who manifest themselves in the form of warts on the surface of the nipple or grow inside the mammary glands, it is important that it was not HPV, which are on the surface easy to see and to start their treatment. Education inside the chest, it is possible to identify only by touching it. To produce this procedure with the purpose of prevention or detection of the virus at an early stage should be performed at least once a month.

About the presence vnutriportovaya papilloma evidenced by the following characteristics:

  • burning and pain in the chest area;
  • discharge from the nipple;
  • hypersensitivity of the nipples.

If you notice any of signs, you must consult a doctor-mammologist or oncologist for further diagnosis. In the process of diagnosis the doctor will prescribe ultrasonic diagnostics of mammary glands, produce a scraping of the top layer of the skin, and perform the analysis of the secretions of the mammary glands.

This is needed to exclude cancer. Additionally, if an untimely appeal to the specialist the virus can spread throughout the body, resulting in the number and size of growths will increase.

The results of the diagnosis, the doctor will determine the nature of the papillomavirus. Also be taken treatment of her removal. And if you remove the outer papilloma without any problems, the removal vnutriportovaya HPV is done only by surgery.

Methods of treatment of papilloma

The safest to date methods of treatment of papillomas and warts are considered as hardware methods. These include:

Laser therapy. Used for the removal of tumors of a simple type on any area of the skin. The laser beam is able to penetrate to any depth and to remove the source of tumors at a time. The surgery is performed without bleeding, the skin doesn't scar. After this procedure, the recovery period is not more than one month.

Cryotherapy. This method is based on the use of liquid nitrogen to remove the tumors. Wide application, he found when removing flat growths.

Surgical diathermy. Removal of warts and papillomas occur with high frequency. This method has worked well in the struggle with the inner filiform warts.

Radiosurgery. This is a relatively new method of removing warts on any area of the body. The operation is performed radiomodem. They are bloodless and remove the skin with its formations, and send for histological examination. Operation is fast and without pain. Also, this removal of papillomas eliminates its re-appearance on this place.

Surgical removal of the formations. The removal and treatment of papilloma andwart is an effective method. The operation is performed using a scalpel and is used to remove simple papillomas.

Conduct hardware treatment is usually in the period of exacerbation of the disease. Doctor based on test results and diagnostics determines the need for removal of the tumor. Of papillomas alone is strongly not recommended.

After removing the various formations of the doctor compulsorily appoint course of treatment drugs. This course is aimed at suppression of human papilloma virus in the body and improve its protective functions.