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Papilloma is black under the arm, on the neck, on the nipple: why was the black

Papillomas are tumors of benign nature, which are caused by the human papillomavirus, the most common of all the diseases of viral origin on Earth.

Despite the fact that the papilloma is benign naroslo as we have said, there are several types of virus that can treat carcinogenic hazards for the skin.

What is the cause of papillomatosis

The virus is transmitted from person to person very easily and this leads to a spread of the disease. Once in the human body the virus is not necessarily immediately evident, they may be in a latent state for months, manifesting itself in the form of build-up at the slightest drop of immunity.

In principle, if the papilloma is not related to what is denoted Here should be noted that, despite numerous offers self-treatment and disposal of papillomas, they can lead to the development of such diseases as lead to the formation of hemangioma. There is not enough on without going to a doctor who will first eliminate the cancer.

And then you can choose one of the methods of removing papillomas blackened, if it really bothers the patient. This can be a method:

  • Cryodestruction when the wart is exposed to low temperature.
  • Laser removal-the most modern and painless method, which does not leave the slightest defect on the skin.
  • Electrocoagulation. In this method, the papilloma is the impact of electric discharge current, which burns and seals the capillaries in the build-up, and without the influx of blood papilloma dies.