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The human papillomavirus: symptoms, treatment and pictures

The human papilloma virus or the abbreviation HPV is a common definition of a group of viruses that consists of more than 70 different types. This loss can be as on the skin and on the genitals. Each type of human papilloma virus has long been numbered serially, and the types studied thoroughly enough to say that each of them has their own unique DNA.

The most frequent route of transmission from person to person acts of sexual contact. In this regard, these viruses are usually attributed to disease of the sexual sense. However, you transfer the virus through the allocation of a sick person, when touched, using household items. There are instances when the virus is transmitted from mother during pregnancy.

Symptoms of human papillomavirus

Symptoms is always in close relationship with the type of human papilloma virus and disease that it can cause. As shown in the photo, the main symptoms of HPV are warts always.

Tumors can be of several forms, but usually they are painless and do not differ in pigmentation from the color of the skin. In principle, any inconvenience wart is not, with the exception of aesthetic perception. They are caused by the human papilloma virus type 1-4.

  1. Warts – genital wart, which is localized most commonly on the mucous membranes of the genitals. Furthermore, these warts may appear on the internal organs, the mucous membrane of the mouth, around the anus. This type of wart caused by: human papillomavirus (HPV 6-11 type.
  2. Boveney papulez – this type also is related to the rash on the genitals. Rashes are small, thickened plaques of white color. It should be noted that this is not as safe and may evolve into skin cancer.
  3. Bowen's disease – this kind of characteristic symptoms of HPV for men. On the skin of the penis is formed wet, and a raised plaque red. Unfortunately, this can degenerate into malignant neoplasm.
  4. Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia – the causative agent is a virus 16 and type 18. The disease is characteristic of women and is manifested in a precancerous condition medicine Today and is not able to provide universal treatment of human papillomavirus. In addition no specific, clear diagrams with each type of virus requires a specific approach and a specific treatment. At the heart of each method lies a struggle with the consequences, that is by the warts and not the actual virus.

    With regard to symptoms, warts and warts, even if they are painlessfinding on the skin, and complete lack of discomfort, doctors still recommend to remove them. The methods of treatment is cryotherapy and electrocoagulation. In the treatment involved and cryosurgery, radio wave removal method, and laser method.

    You need to understand that the removal of external manifestations of HPV in the warts does not affect the virus itself, so it may be relapses of rashes.

    Surgical intervention is a necessity in the case of malignant disease which is strictly necessary to remove. After surgical removal, to reduce the likelihood of the recurrence are used and additional methods of treatment.

    As a universal means of treatment against HPV and not created, used antiviral drugs with broad spectrum. In General, funds should not only suppress the virus, but also enhance immunity.

    You can define a small range of the most effective drugs is: Tsikloferon, Amiksin, works perfectly and Interferon. Each of these drugs acts in different ways on the cell and inhibits the development of virus stops it and stops.

    It is important to emphasize that self-treatment for HPV is not recommended and contraindicated. Preparations must appoint a physician, besides ordinary antiviral preparations are not always effective. And the result may not follow.