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The human papillomavirus: description, ways of transmission ways of counteraction

A group of viruses that includes about 70 species, called by one name – human papillomavirus. The disease belongs to skin problems, but it can be viewed as a sexual disease, as it affects not only the skin on the body, but and genitals.

Besides the most frequent mode of transmission – sexual contact. However, this is not the only way, and can be transmitted through contact of the mucous membranes and affected skin sometimes occur vertical infection during which the virus is transmitted from mother to child during childbirth.


Manifestation, symptoms of the virus depends on which type of infection has struck the body. On this basis, we can consider several diseases and symptoms that are invoked most frequently in humans

In the first place is always a wart. Skin defect of this type are caused by the human papillomavirus, presented in the form of a convex and rounded tumors, dense form. Usually warts don't cause pain, and color are fully consistent with the pigmentation of the skin.

You can often detect the warts on the dense surface skin, i.e. on the palms and soles, and rarely they are localized in other areas. The cause of these defects is considered to be 1 and 4 HPV types. In principle, with the exception of the aesthetic moment, there are no indications for their removal, and they do not cause any concern.

Then you can mark the tumor as genital warts. Presents this defect in the form of genital warts, which is localized on the genitals. Warts sprinkle the foreskin and the glans penis in men and labia in women.

However, the degree of prevalence of skin warts may appear on other sites. To indicate their localization in the oral cavity, around the anus, and internal organs, for example, on the bladder or urethra. These warts are caused by virus 6 and 11 type.

Boveney papulez – in this case, hurt again the genitals. Most often, this form is localized on the skin of the labia and the glans penis. The rash resembles small size of the plaque that is painted in pink tones, and a few rise above the surface. The danger of this type is that it can take the form of a malignant tumor, is converted into cancer. The agent acts 16,18, 31 and 33 types of HPV.

Bowen's disease – this type affects the male body. In appearance, the disease is considered as velvety and wet the plaque, which is localized on the tip of my penis. The plaque may develop for a long time, and the main danger that it may degenerate into aa malignant tumor.

Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia is a disease of the female body, which is caused by 16 and 18 type of virus. The growths in three stages, and the third is the rebirth of the disease in a malignant tumor, cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer, a malignant tumor that can be caused by 16,18, 31,33,35 and 39 type of HPV. It is worth noting that these types of proceed entirely without signs and symptoms, and the cancer already diagnosed at a late stage of the disease, which greatly reduces the effectiveness of treatment.


Diagnosis of HPV may consist of several stages, one of which must be a visual inspection of the patient. In addition, important biopsy, Cytology. All of this helps to detect cancer at an early stage, if we are talking about a malignant region.


Unfortunately, today medicine is not able to provide any universal and effective methods of treatment of papilloma virus, and all processes have an effect only on those diseases that are caused by a virus.

That is, as a rule, treatment is aimed at elimination of the consequences, not the causes the virus remains in the human body. Therefore, display the basic methods of wart removal, there are consequences.

First, they apply methods of cryotherapy and electrocoagulation. Genital warts can be destroyed by laser impact.

However, it is understood that no method is 100% guarantee that the wart or warts will not return after some time, because the virus remains in the body.

With regard to surgical treatment methods for HPV, the surgery was necessary, when it comes to a malignant tumor. And since there is no drug that to cope with the virus, together with the mechanical removal of warts and warts, it is recommended that a set of measures for the General lifting of immunity.