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Since, for some acne (an ointment and a powder): reviews

Almost every young man and girl, anyway, and faced with the problem of the appearance of face pimples and acne. You can treat this as anything but necessary to agree that sometimes the problem really is of crucial importance, and appearance is suffering, and against this background develops depression, stress, self-doubt, until the complexes.

As the scenario further, many simply indulges in all serious in search of the perfect remedies of acne. Unfortunately, such an Amateur approach to skin problems leads not only to the fact that acne becomes more, but also to the fact that to cure them is increasingly difficult. This is especially true when the desire to remove the rashes from the skin the use of the drug (powder and ointment) during pregnancy is also not recommended, as it can have a negative impact on the fetus use of the drug is possible only in the case when expected benefit for mother exceeds the potential risk to the child.

Side effects

Prolonged use of the drug may experience allergic reactions that manifest as rash, redness of the skin, itching and burning on the affected skin. Basically an allergic reaction In the first place, the approach applies to problematic skin, oily. Such skin often occur acne, because the increased production of subcutaneous fat leads to the blockage of the sebaceous ducts.

Thus, it is recommended washing your face twice a week, morning and evening, at regular intervals, two or three times, to make peeling of the skin. In addition, we note that the skin is an excretory organ, which operates without interruption, highlighting on the surface of all the excess that is not needed by the body in the form of sweat and fat.

So before you apply to the skin ointment " Baneuoqin, the skin should be to remove the sweat, dirt, and grease. To prepare it for applying ointment to achieve maximum effect. It should be noted that the efficiency of destruction of acne on the skin increases several times.

That is recommended by dermatologists

To begin with, that ointment baneuoqin is a tool with strong antibacterial action, and therefore its use should be very carefully and fully comply with the instructions. The drug copes with the treatment of acne, pimples have a different appearance and quantity, as well as lesions on the face, even if they

As for the duration of the drug, since, for some you can apply from one to two weeks, and then is to take a break. In principle, as practice shows, to completely eliminate the problems is enough for 2-3 applications.

Thus, there is improvement even on the skin rash with complicated.Acne is visibly reduced in size, disappears, the fact of inflammation of the skin, and after complete disappearance.

As we have already mentioned, the maximum time for the use of materials is 14 days, after that you need to do is either break or continue to use the ointment, but under the control of a dermatologist. The second option assumes that it is possible to provide treatment in the form of courses.

Baneuoqin and systematic approach

Despite the fact that the drug is able to remove virtually any rash on the skin, is it works in a systematic approach. The first thing to pay attention to the fact that it consumes people. From the diet should be excluded fatty and salty, peppered and smoked. That is, the food should be not just balanced, but also correct, this means that more vegetables and fruits.

It is important together with the use of the drug and to drink a course of vitamins, to maintain immunity and it further increase. Further, it is imperative to get rid of such bad habits as Smoking. Nicotine causes a lot of problems, including problems with the skin, which transformirovalsya just in the form of acne.

Next, you need to clean up your sleep for a healthy sleep – the guarantee of health of the organism as a whole. However, as we have already mentioned, use and cleansing of the skin, as a result of the application of baneuoqin takes an entirely different effect. And methods of cleansing abound, for example, you can use almond oil.


Julia, 25 years old – I have tried a lot of remedies for acne, but unfortunately, even if the result is positive, then the pimples again and again. And ointment Baneuoqin, as if their hand was removed, and the skin remains clean and young.

Natalia, 19 years old – like a young girl, my problem skin always comes first, and thanks to the ointment baneuoqin I've forgotten what pimples on the face, forehead, cheeks. True and healthy lifestyle, I'm very strict!

Konstantin, 28 years – boils appeared on the skin quite often, and I used many remedies, including tinctures, lotions and sprays, but only Baneuoqin really quickly and helped to get rid of boils. Now when an abscess of this point I immediately apply the ointment, and within a few days the skin returns to normal.