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Ointment Dermazin: instructions for use and contraindications

Dermazin is a known antibacterial drug with positive feedback. They treated wounds, infected and tropical ulcers. The product is manufactured in the form of a cream white color in a tube of 50 grams, and a jar of 250 grams.

In the preparation includes:

  • silver sulfadiazine,
  • peanut butter
  • Polysorbate,
  • cetyl alcohol,
  • methyl parahydroxybenzoate,
  • propylene glycol,
  • parahydroxybenzoate,
  • water.

Dermazin and its features

Treatment cream has a pronounced antimicrobial action and has positive reviews. The main substances contained in the composition of the drug silver sulfadiazine in contact with the surface of the skin, it releases silver ions and sulfanilamide, preventing the development and spread of bacteria.

Dermazin prescribed under virtually all types of infectious lesions, it is able to cope with all types of microorganisms that lead to infection of infection of burns and other wounds.

Also, as shown by reviews, the product is widely used in the treatment of herpes. Treatment cream is prescribed for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes upon receipt of burn wounds, infection of existing wounds and the formation of tropical ulcers.

Drug Dermatin can be purchased at a pharmacy by prescription. The period of duration of storage of cream shall be three years at a temperature not above 25 degrees Celsius.

Contraindications for use of the drug

The drug should not be used for the treatment of infections in preterm babies, up to two months, women during labor. Also, the cream is contraindicated in people with allergic predisposition to the primary and auxiliary substances contained in the preparation.

During pregnancy in the later period of treatment with Dermazin is possible only after consulting a doctor, as the cream can cause the development of hyperbilirubinemia. After examination, the doctor will decide how high the risk of using the drug and if there are alternative methods of treatment of the disease.

Reviews indicate that it is important to note that the substances included in the composition of ointments Dermazin, actively penetrate into the mother's milk, so during therapy you need to stop breastfeeding baby, so as not to harm the baby.

How to use the drug

Before you use the drug, you need to clean the skin surface and remove dead tissue. After that the skin be applied not more than 4 mm layer of cream. The skin surface in the area of the burn is treated with ointment Dermazin times a day.

Also, doctors sometimes recommend doing a bandage with the use of the cream, which must be changed every day. For thisthe cream is applied on sterile gauze which is applied to the burn.

Before you re-apply the ointment Dermazin on the wound, you must use the antiseptic and clean water to clean the affected surface to remove the skin from the remnants of the drug. The treatment is carried out until, until the wound heals and the surface of the affected part of the skin is smoothed. Burns, wounds, tropical ulcers are treated in the same way stated in the instructions.

Important when using a medicinal cream to adhere to the recommended dose so as not to cause an unwanted reaction, sometimes it can be bright After use of therapeutic antimicrobial drug adverse reactions practically do not occur, so the cream has many positive reviews from users. In some cases after applying the cream, the patient may feel a slight itching and burning, rash on the skin.

Additionally, according to test results patients there were cases of decrease in the number of leukocytes below normal in the bloodstream. In rare cases, the skin was observed pigmentation, multiforme erythema, tissue necrosis, interstitial nephritis.

Certain side effects primarily depend on how much of the diseased tissue and how big is the plot of burn wounds. For this reason, the sulfonamides that are included in the cream can cause a reaction to the drug.

Among these effects are:

  • Toxic nephrosis;
  • Hepatocellular necrosis;
  • Disruption in the blood system;
  • Allergic and skin reactions;
  • Hepatitis;
  • Disorders of the digestive system;
  • Effects on the Central nervous system.

With frequent use ointments Dermazin it is important to note that the drug reduces the activity of other drugs, which treated the wound. If you are also using a cream using the medicinal drugs containing cimetidine, may experience a decrease in blood leukocyte count below normal.

It is also necessary to know that the healing process can lead to the development on the background of the still-uncompleted primary infectious process of new infections. The cream is not recommended to people who suffer with excessive content of Parfenov in the body.

You must make sure that the cream does not get into the eyes. After contact with the eyes should be immediately rinsed with warm water.

As shown by reviews on the drivers of vehicles and workers, governing mechanisms, the effects of the drug during testing were not identified.