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Differin for acne: reviews and instructions for use (gel, cream)

Speaking of drugs that can be used for topical treatment of rashes, acne and pimples can't pass by the drug differin.

Today, differin (cream) is a wonderful drug that has an excellent ability to prevent the appearance of new spots, and copes with the existing acne.

Important! You need to understand that the results of many years of research, it is proved that using only the external medicine is able to overcome the disease only by 40-50%. This should be taken into account in the course of treatment.

The characteristics of the composition

The basis of the drug's active ingredient — adapalene. A component is a synthetic analogue of vitamin A, and it is from him and depends so highly effective. Also, the drug is retinova acid which helps to heal even such severe skin diseases as acne.

The most important property of the substance in the product, we emphasize it again, is adapalene – this component prevents the formation of comedones. Recall that the Whitehead is a clogged pore which accumulated sebum, and begins the process of inflammation. Adapalene is able to speed up in places where there are hair follicles, thus, there is the hurdle of traffic jams in the sebaceous duct. And there is no traffic, there is no accumulation of fat, and accordingly, there is no comedone.

Here are just a few reasons to consider differin a smart tool that is able to produce effectology to avoid Allergy to the drug.

With regard to the use of the drug, as a rule, it is applied once a day to problem the skin area and before bedtime. The preparation is applied in a thin layer on the skin, and it is not necessary to RUB into the skin, the most simple way to apply the drug a cotton swab. This allows you to handle it the affected skin and will not affect the healthy region.

Causing the drug point, there has been an impact directly on the comedo or pimple.

In addition, prior to use this product, it is necessary to conduct preparatory procedures. This suggests that the face washes, preferably with a lotion or soap, the pores should be few and clear and expand. Then the face is carefully wiped dry, and after that you can start applying differin

Important! You can use differin in combination with other drugs, it will provide an opportunity to improve the treatment effect. But also here not to do without prior consultation with the doctor, to mixing drugs, let them from acne, it is not recommended to be applied anyway because they are on the skin, and the consequences can be heavier than acnerash.

As a rule, the positive trend from the use of differin can be seen after 10 days, blackheads are dried and shrink pimples are, abates the inflammatory process.

As for the reviews about the drug, then note their ambiguity. Almost patients were divided into two groups, those for whom the drug helped, and those for whom no changes occurred.

One can say with precision, and it is found in each opinion, the drug dries the skin, and this is its main drawback, which does not allow to appreciate it.