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Calcium gluconate Allergy - calcium gluconate allergic reaction

An allergic reaction is a disorder of the immune system. Some is the emergence of allergies to substances that do not cause such from other people. In the process of contact with animals, possible cough, rhinitis, lacrimation, sore throat, rashes on the skin. Other people allergies can cause contact of the allergen with food, absorption through skin, respiratory system, input in the form of injection.

The most common Allergy observed in children. According to medical researches, the cause of this condition is deficiency of calcium in the body.

It can cause allergic reactions in children because in this age of intense growth, and the calcium content in the tissues of the growing organism is markedly reduced.

Deficiency of calcium also help the teething and the increase of content of vitamin D in the body. It also is the main reason that an effective way to prevent and treat allergies in patients who are predisposed to this condition, is calcium gluconate.

The use of calcium gluconate if you are allergic

If the human body contains enough calcium, the vessels become less permeable, which prevents the penetration into the bloodstream of allergens. Increasing the calcium concentration the probability of occurrence of an acute immune response is dramatically reduced. In the process of Allergy is often prescribed calcium gluconate.

It helps to not only raise the level of calcium, but also substances that affect the connective tissue (gluconate). In the end, the healing process significantly koreeda. Calcium gluconate is prescribed together with drugs antihistamine action.

The drug is used in the process of complex treatment of a variety of allergic reactions. Among them States that due to side effects from medication.

As a result of researches it was proved that only one source of calcium for the body (such as prevention and treatment of osteoporosis) gluconate can be developed but for the treatment and prevention of allergies of any type to work the best, thus giving the answer — According to popular belief, calcium gluconate if you are allergic is not an effective tool. This is due to the minimal cost of the drug at the moment.

Contemporary manufacturers really want to find ways for the sale of a variety of coral and other "organic calcium" that are many times the cost of the gluconate. But, according to the supporters of expensive drugs, calcium gluconate is almost not absorbed from the intestine.

That's not entirely truebecause in order to better understand the situation, should make a more detailed examination of the principle of calcium absorption. It involved the following components:

  • Parahormone(hormones produced by parathyroid gland);
  • Calcitonin(hormones secreted by the thyroid gland);
  • Vitamin

The passage of calcium through the wall of the gastrointestinal tract and entering the blood, you should use vitamin D, protein, calcium-binding and amino acids, including lysine and L-arginine. The use of these substances is calcium absorbed to the maximum. Some of it is passively absorbed through the walls of duodenum 12.

A small amount of calcium enters the body without these hormones, amino acids, and vitamin D. Calcium will not be absorbed if there is insufficient auxiliary element or the consumption of calcium in the form of insoluble salts, non-calcium gluconate. This may seem strange, but the drug is able to dissolve completely in cold water.

Thus, the absorption of calcium gluconate occurs both in children and in adults the body because it is recommended for use as a drug in all admissible cases, if there is a hormonal rash in infants.

Calcium gluconate: contraindications if you are allergic

Among the contraindications to this drug include: bleeding, nephritis, poisoning magnesium salts, fluoric or oxalic acid, hepatitis, liver disease, skin irritation, dysfunction of the parathyroid glands, increased release of calcium.

Prohibited calcium gluconate if you are allergic to intake for people with increased blood clotting (hypercoagulation), hypercalcemia, increased susceptibility to tromboobrazovaniu, atherosclerosis.

It is strongly recommended before beginning the course of treatment above drug is to seek advice from a qualified specialist. He will be able to give an answer to the question of whether a suitable calcium gluconate. With it happens the definition of a particular dosage with the duration of treatment, and effective way of drug administration.