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Cream Acnebuy: reviews and cost

Many of us know how difficult it is to fight acne and various rashes, and any discomfort of this kind of pathology is able to deliver. Especially gets pimples and blackheads teenagers who who were experiencing acute period of skin rash, and feel even more psychological discomfort than physical.

Why Acneby

There is a feeling that the creators of the drug initially laid in his name the message to future patients, who have to immediately say that using this cream, they just say goodbye to pimples, blackheads and acne, waving a hand, say in unison "Bye."

Determine the composition of the drug, and note that it includes:

  • Azelaic acid. It is the basis of the drug and has the greatest positive effect on the skin.
  • Sulfur.
  • Zinc salt.
  • Salicylic acid.

Produced product in the form of a lotion or a cream, and the most interesting that he has practically no analogues.

Important! Pay attention to the fact that with all its positive properties, Acneby quite inexpensive, so to afford it be able to every teenager.

As for treatment, it is usually recommended for from 30 days to 40. During this time, the active components of the drug should completely rid the skin of pimples and acne. Note also that the drug belongs to a new type of funds on skin care, and fully created to combat acne.

The texture and smell

Judging by the reviews of patients who have already used Acneby, the drug has a strong, and pungent odor, which many find quite pleasant. Remotely smell can resemble a women's perfume.

It is worth Recalling that the smell will not be permanent, and some time after application to the skin, he is able to somewhat change. After the cream dries, you can hear the subtle smell of sulphur. The smell is so small that even standing next to people is not the fact that I hear it. However, consider this moment one of the small, but minus.

As for the texture of the cream, it shows fairly dense layer. It is thanks to such properties of the texture, the cream is recommended to carefully RUB into the skin to effectively penetrate deeper into the epidermis.

And RUB the cream until until it is fully seated in the skin. It can be noted that the process should stop as soon as the skin becomes matte and slightly contracted. There has not been greasy sheen on the surface.

Indications for use

Drug Acneby quite rich in vitamins, which often lacks the human skin. Along withactive components Acnebuy is indicated for:

  • Treatment of comedones and once the layer of fat shaped is dissolved, the acid starts to blocking and reducing inflammatory processes, which are the pimples.

    Zinc oxide, another component of the cream that can regulate the sebum, which instantly has a positive effect on the oiliness of the skin.

    Sulfur is responsible for the drying of the skin and for removing from the surface of the Demodex. After applying the cream, the patient quickly notices how wet the pimples are dried.

    Salicylic acid takes on the role of the component that is responsible for a kind of micro-peeling.


    The drug enough positive reviews that speak about its high efficiency. Moreover, many patients, especially in adolescents, the cream is cleaned the pimples and again brought the skin in the order just 10 days.

    Pay attention to the fact that for women Acnebuy is often used as an additional tool for the prevention of skin, what are the reviews of the ladies write.

    In General, it is possible for a drug to recognize the right to be present in the kit as one of the remedies for acne and acne.