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Cream rosacea: treat the person pharmacy remedies and ointments

The emergence and development of rosacea on the face caused by her excessive sensibility. To deliver the thin and delicate skin from such problems, it is necessary along with General procedures that are aimed at improving the performance of the vessels and strengthening their cells to use a cream against rosacea.

It can help to heal the epidermis and to remove the severity of the manifestations of the disease. The disease usually occurs on the nose, cheeks and manifest vascular mesh or in the form of stars, in General, you should not ignore the ointment rosacea on the face.

Main causes and symptoms

Rosacea occurs due to disruption of normal blood circulation. It is characterized by the occurrence of vascular red spots, and in some cases with a bluish tint.

As for the main causes of the disease, these include:

  • excessive fragility of the vascular wall due to vitamin deficiency, poor diet and abuse of drugs;
  • obstruction of blood vessels, which leads to stagnation;
  • the increase in the ducts of the vessels and the reduction in the density of their walls.

All of these tissue reactions are usually observed in cases when there is excessive sensitivity of the skin to various stimuli, an allergic reaction to cosmetic products and their components, as well as hormonal health.

The symptoms of rosacea can manifest itself in different ways. Usually this is a red vascular grid or stars. In addition, the disease may be characterized by exposed vessels, bluish or pink tint. There are times when there is flaking of the skin, constant itching, and places the location of rosacea is the cheekbones, nose and cheeks. On my chin and forehead is the manifestation of the disease is quite rare.

How to prevent rosacea?

Medicine offers several ways to prevent a disease. Do not forget about the quality and regular care of the skin, which among other things needs to be even and soft, and suits the cream from the skin, plus reviews from such cosmetics is always positive.

It is essential to abandon bad habits, for example Smoking and alcohol, because they have a negative impact on the condition of the skin and blood vessels especially because of the face that is most visible and this will only complicate the work of the cream of rosacea.

You must remember that all cosmetics and beauty treatments to care for themselves should be neat and eliminate injuries. If the facial skin is sensitive, it is extremely not recommended to RUB and massage it in with force, no cosmetics will not help. To apply and to remove skin care products from the skin of the face need to be usingspecial brushes or swabs, which is cosmetics.

In addition, be aware of your diet, which should be rational and complete. Also do not forget about the use of vitamin and mineral complexes.

How to beat rosacea?

For the qualitative elimination of the manifestations of rosacea you need to use special tools, cosmetics, which necessarily needs to be prescribed by the attending physician. At the first signs of symptoms should seek medical care, ensure a timely start appropriate treatment, which will alert the beginning of stagnation and the transition of the disease into a chronic condition.

To effective agents that can eliminate the signs of rosacea include various ointments and creams, and cosmetics. The therapeutic principle of operation the bulk of these funds are aimed at strengthening of vascular walls, as well as quality restoration of connective tissue in the capillaries and the skin.

An equally important factor will be the contents in the treatment cream protective components of various substances to stimulate and masking of cosmetic defects. It is important to know that ordinary cosmetics are not able to cope with rosacea and its manifestations.

To obtain the maximum effect it is necessary together with creams to use hardware procedures and chemical peels, but it must be sparing.

Modern cosmetics offers several options for the treatment of rosacea. Include such Chinese cosmetics from the brand "De Tian". The brand offers a range of drugs to combat various disorders of the blood vessels of the skin. By the way, the Chinese manufacturers there is a wonderful Cream based on marigold Dr. Duffy will help to soothe the skin and lighten it. "Avin" will strengthen the metabolism of cells and speed up their recovery, as indicated by the reviews.

Beauty line vegetable-based "New line" is composed of essential oils. All components of the product are perfectly absorbed into the skin and not dry it out. However, it is not recommended to use it in cold season, because the efficiency may be reduced.

It is worth noting also good result when using ointments against the skin, the action here is different from what makes, for example, ointment for acne and pimples. Physicians recommend their use not only in light but also quite serious cases of disease manifestations. Despite the free market in the pharmacy, in any case can not self-medicate and purchase ointment rosacea without a prescription from the doctor, moreover, sometimes requires complex therapy.

Ointments used to treat the symptoms of the disease – is Caffeine and Heparin. They are quiteserious and in some cases can contribute to the emergence of a number of side effects, this reviews also say that not losing and side effects.

It is for this reason that such means are replaced by qualitatively improving cosmetology procedures on the basis of exposure to ozone, laser beams and electricity.

We must not forget that rosacea is not just a trouble on the face, but also a signal about malfunctions in the body. Brand all therapeutic interventions must be performed under the careful supervision of a doctor. It is also necessary to take into account the condition of the skin and its main features. If treatment is started promptly, provided a competent and qualified approach to it, the ailment will be vanquished.