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Cream and ointment for dermatitis on the hands and face in adults and children

Nowadays adults and children are influenced by allergic reactions increasingly. If a hundred years ago people hardly knew such diseases and their main symptoms, the allergies turned into a real epidemic.

Under the dermatitis, you should understand a complex inflammatory reactions on the skin, rashes or eczema. It can have different localization and manifest under the influence of the covers of the irritants chemical or physical nature. In addition, dermatitis can be a symptom of disorders of the internal organs, metabolic processes, as well as other diseases in both adults and children.

Complex inflammatory reactions can develop in adults and children as a result of hereditary or acquired tendency of the human body to allergies. As the cause there may be some drugs, food, and rather frequent disease of an infectious nature.

Timely and proper treatment of the disease in adults and children will directly depend on what the causative agent it was called, the patient's age and concomitant diseases. Only the doctor the dermatologist will be able to appoint an integrated and adequate treatment of dermatitis, regardless of its nature.

How to treat scalp dermatitis?

Modern pharmacology offers a wide choice of means of getting rid of this skin disease for adults and children. It could be hormonal and not hormonal ointments, creams, and gels. It should be noted that the use of only one kind of drugs will not be able to effectively help to solve the problem and, therefore, must act comprehensively, to build a scheme of treatment, including in children.

You first need to identify the real cause of the disease, and then be taken to eliminate the irritants that led to the emergence and development of skin reactions. A plan is developed only by an experienced technician, because self-medication can harm the body.

Non-hormonal treatment of dermatitis ointment

This category of drugs include a variety of options for creams, ointments and gels and all of them is a non-hormonal:

"Eplun". The tool can be applied for getting rid of ulcers, fissures, psoriasis, herpes, acne, burns, microbial eczema. In addition, the cream is good enough to cope with the swelling, itching in various forms of dermatitis on the face and hands, insect bites, and can also be applied for the prevention of chemical stimuli;

"Bepanten" and quality. "Panthenol", "D-Panthenol" and "Panthoderm", an excellent ointment for dermatitis on the body, face or hands. These funds can be made inthe form of cream or ointment and is indicated for the treatment of various skin problems. Include such dryness, dermatitis of various nature, cracks, abrasions, erythema. The cream can be used to prevent diaper rash in newborns, care of the skin on the face and hands, because he can become a reliable protection against external irritating factors, and promote skin regeneration;

"Skin-cap" is a series of drugs and personal care products with bright antimicrobial, antivirusoverride and and anti-inflammatory properties. It can be gels, sprays, or shampoos. As for the ointment, it is Skip-cap" is recognized as the most effective and safe for humans. Cream is quite effective in the treatment of dermatitis: diaper dermatitis, atopic, seborrheic. The tool can be used for eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, seborrhea. Even children from the age of 1 year is allowed the use of this cream;

"Drug zistan" – this is a very effective antifungal cream. It can be the salvation in cases when the cause of the inflammatory lesions of the skin and dermatitis is not established. It can be used in otrubevidnom lichen, mycosis, candidiasis of the skin and inflammatory ringworm, and if going treatment of eczema.

"Radevit will be recommended for the treatment of atopic dermatitis, contact and allergic on hands and face. If you have skin cracks, erosion, eczema, atopic dermatitis, non-hormonal then this ointment will help to manage these diseases. Treatment is indicated to eliminate itching, inflammation, soften the skin in children on the hands or on the face. The cream has a restorative impact and can well protect the skin and improve the processes of keratinization;

"Gitan" (absolutely not to be confused with "Gitan N – a preparation based on hormones). The remedy is a dietary Supplement for use locally, i.e. on the skin of the body, hands or face. BAD consists of various medicinal plant extracts betulin and Dimethicone. The tool makes it easier to cope if this treatment eczema on hands in children, for example, or atopic dermatitis, insect bites, and neurodermatitis. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties and helps to understand "Solkoseril or aktovegin are an ointment based on the blood of dairy calves. Apply these drugs are recommended for particularly hard-to-heal wounds, abrasions, dermatitis and this ointment acne excellent save. In addition, the funds accelerate the reparative and regenerative processes;

"Desitin" ointment based on zinc oxide. It can be used in the treatment of diaper dermatitis, diaper rash, eczema, herpesand various wounds and ulcers, superficial nature;

"Ishida is a special cream-gel that includes a stimulator of Dorogov (ASD). This complex consists of organic and inorganic components which exert a powerful positive influence on metabolic and immune processes in the body. The remedy is quite strong antiseptic and adaptogen. It greatly increases the resistance of the skin to various external factors.

Hormonal treatment

It should be noted that hormone treatment for getting rid of dermatitis is used only in the most extreme cases, if no others can have a positive effect on skin lesions.

A prerequisite is the use of such funds only under the close and careful supervision of the doctor. It should be fairly short courses, providing for the gradual abolition of the drug. Hormonal preparations for treatment of dermatitis so powerful that their side effects can be delayed in action for a long time. Such negative aspects include stretch marks and skin atrophy, and hypopigmentation have to think how to get rid of skin pigmentation from the face.

If the use of the drug was prolonged, you may develop serious side effects, such as Cushing's syndrome and adrenal insufficiency. Such preparations are not recommended during pregnancy and lactation and children up to 2 years.

The drug with psoriasis

Such tools include:

  • "Celestoderm". It's such a glucocorticosteroid ointment which can be applied for the treatment of dermatitis: atopic, contact, seborrheic, radiation, solar, intertriginous and exfoliative. In addition, the drug will have a positive impact on psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, anogenital and senile pruritus;
  • "Flucinar" is an ointment that can be applied in a variety of heavy uninfected skin diseases of an inflammatory nature. Such include: eczema, seborrheic and atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, flat and erythematous blisters, pin and erythema multiforme. This gel can only be shown to adults and children older than 2 years;
  • "Advantan" – the ointment is quite greasy in texture. It is used for the treatment of inflammatory processes on the skin.