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Levomicetinom alcohol for acne: the feedback about the solution

To see the formed on the face pimples is hard to call a joyful time, regardless of age or status in society. Through its appearance of such rashes cause the person enormous discomfort.

However, most people seeking assistance to qualified dermatologists, are not even aware that the problem of the formation of acne lurking just inside the body. That's why doctors ask before performing medical procedures pass all the tests that can confirm a particular nature of occurrence of pimples and eventually, a final diagnosis.

This applies both to the appearance of acne and variants in which there is Chloramphenicol used as a cosmetic means, which is much more powerful than well-known salicylic acid to combat acne and pimples on the face. Any other drugs will not be able to help more efficiently than comparable alcohol tincture.

Given the fact that the solution is alcohol-based chloramphenicol used to wipe the skin, you must use it only if necessary, in other words, since the formation of acne to their practical disappearance from the surface of the face. 1% solution is recommended to apply only on the affected acne region of the surface of the skin.

In addition, we can mention:

  1. Chloramphenicol is used in the as an effective remedy against acne, resulting in hormonal failure.
  2. With the aim of wiping the affected areas, so-called mash, in other words, an ordinary medicine bottle, which should be filled with a solution of chloramphenicol and several crushed by tablets trichopolum powder.
  3. Before a person starts to apply the solution to the affected skin, all substances contained in the mash, you will need a good shake – out this bottle and got such a name.
  4. After the shaking must be a point with a special cotton swab to apply the alcohol on the head pimples.

Alcohol and magmas

In the event the cosmetic face of pimples or pustules, in this case can help the following solution. Required in equal proportions to mix salicylic alcohol, tincture of calendula and add levomicetinom alcohol. It will be interesting to read the case again will not get any pharmacy to dispense the mash, the more that you will need to mix a total of four bottles of alcohol. Before you start to use, carefully stir and apply on acne affected surface of the face by means of cotton swabs. This mixture can be used as a tonic with the purpose of dailyapplication.

If the number of pimples on the face reaches its allowable limit, you can use the following highly effective tool before you go to the doctor with the purpose of discharge of antibiotics or other tablets. For this the above solution will need to add boric alcohol, which will act by mixing the catalyst and to enhance the overall effectiveness of the product.

After rubbing the facial skin in this mixture should then apply her moisturizer is not to add to all the existing problems and peeling of the skin. In practice, to use such means for cleaning the face from acne can only be for 7-10 days and if the person will not see the expected result, then we can go to the dermatologist.