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Mask of blackheads and pimples at home: reviews

Homemade facial masks are a wonderful tool that helps get rid of nasty blackheads and pimples at home. There is no need to rush to the pharmacy and purchase a chemicals, for the treatment of black spots masks at home great reviews.

According to medical science the black dots are called comedones. Hitting the delicate skin on the face they are capable of according to many factors, chief among them:

  • the pores being clogged by excess sebum;
  • the skin includes small particles of dust;
  • the skin is covered with dead cells.

As a result, the pores become dirty, which visually creates the effect of black dots. Most of comedones and pimples affects people whose skin is genetically predisposed to their formation.

Black spots can occur due to improper diet, use low-quality cosmetics like Foundation, powder, corrector.

Film mask of blackheads on the face

A homemade mask can be used for those who have no fear of experimentation who wants to try different new recipes at home, however, to their credit, with oily skin this mask from acne quite bearable to cope!

Often, many believe that black spots occur on the nose and face in puberty due to the too active work of sebaceous glands, however some people they bother all my life. Then the “experimenters” are starting to try various cosmetic products, to spend money, in the end, comes the turn to take the advice of grandmothers.

There is an interesting recipe facial masks that help to remove oily skin from acne and blackheads. Applying this mask, your skin will be clean at home, and even their development. This can be achieved using several methods. It is recommended to use one of the following recipes. This mask has almost no contraindications, and its efficacy is proved by practical use and how the black dots becomes smaller. You can even try inexpensive, but it is an effective method in the fight against acne.

To prepare this mask, you need to take: balsamic liniment (liquid analogue Vishnevsky ointment), antibiotic local – streptomycin, aloe Vera in gel form, which soften and moisturize the cosmetic.

Need to squeeze a small amount of liniment on a plate, add streptomycin in the amount of 1 packaging and the aloe Vera gel and apply on acne, what it is very quickly you can understand a great effect.

Carefully mix all components of the mask, until it becomes a homogeneous mass, which a trace will not leave black dots.

Before apply the mask, it is necessary to conduct a deep cleaningof the facial skin using a gel or scrub. The mask to apply a thin layer, evenly distributing over the surface of the skin, keep it for about 10 minutes (if the mask is applied simultaneously with bathing – can be longer), then the mask should be washed off with soap, and the excess removed with a sponge.

Once the cosmetic procedure is completed, the skin will be clean, with smooth color hydrated. At the end of the procedure it is possible not to apply moisturizer, nourishing cream, and allow the skin to soak up the oxygen and to relax.