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Mask with honey for acne face

It's safe to say that the healing properties of honey is familiar to many. This product of bee is not the last place in the treatment of colds, and also used with prophylactic purpose. But not everyone knows that honey has a positive effect on the human skin, cares for her and helps cleanse. For example, it prevents the appearance of acne, and successfully fighting with them.

The set of properties

Honey has a set of properties, which allow it to have a positive effect in acne:

  • — has antimicrobial effect, and thus works against bacteria. The main advantage of honey is that it is suitable for internal use and for use on the skin;
  • — helps eliminate existing acne and does not appear new. Then there is honey at the same time affects the cause of the disease and eliminate the consequences;
  • — relieves swelling and inflammation that accompany pimples. Honey, like a sponge, absorbs all the unnecessary;
  • — perfectly cleanses the skin, removes dirt;
  • — additionally tones and softens the skin, prevents dryness and flaking;
  • — is a versatile product for any skin type. In addition to the effects on acne, it moisturizes dry skin, improves the texture of oily skin and invigorates tired.

An added bonus is the fact that honey is a natural remedy, so it is highly regarded among the health products. The product is quite affordable, it is not necessary to buy in large quantities for use. A few tablespoons for a single procedure will suffice.

To use honey for acne is not difficult, it serves to make the various packs and masks at home. The resulting mixture apply on problem areas on the face, and optionally on the neck and chest. Some time after the application you need to wait to the med worked, and then remove it from the skin. You have to remember that one use to good effect will be small, so the procedure must be repeated regularly.

Honey mask for acne

To prepare a miracle-a mask, you will need to take only the honey. This mask is very simple, but has great effect. First, the skin should be thoroughly clean, then use cotton pads to apply honey on the areas in which problems arise. This mask can be applied not only on face but also on the skin of the chest or neck.

The mask of honey for acne you can also add other components through which it will acquire additional properties. On the basis of the mask and its effect, consider the following options:

In equal proportionsmix the honey and lemon juice and apply the resulting mask on your face for approximately 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Before applying the mask face should be well cleaned from dirt. This composition is well suited for oily or combination skin, as it has the ability to tighten the pores of the epidermis.

For the composition it is necessary to take honey, the yolk of one egg and olive oil (if olive is not available, use sunflower). All the ingredients mix well. Honey oil should be taken in the ratio 1 : 1. The mask is applied to problem areas for 20 minutes, and then it is removed from the face under running water.

To make a homogeneous mixture of one egg yolk and honey and apply on face. Remove the mask after twenty minutes. Such a composition suitable for owners of dry and normal skin types experiencing problems with acne.

Rubbing raw potatoes on a fine grater and the juice mixed in equal parts with honey. Apply the mask on the problem area, and the procedure must be a compulsory spot, not to close the mask all over the face.

For sensitive skin the composition of honey and cucumber juice. Honey for a mask is better to take dense, because the mixture can get quite fluid. On the face of the compress applied for 12 minutes and then washed off with water. Will fit this best for honey masks for acne suitable flower or lime blossom honey. They have quite a thick consistency, and, therefore, they will not spread on the face. If the honey during storage secretariatmolsa, it can be heated until reaching a viscous state. Although it is best to use a fresh product.

When using honey masks for acne you need to be careful, because honey can cause allergic reactions. You need to very carefully monitor the condition of your skin, and if it appear redness, skin rash, or swelling, of the use of honey should be abandoned. To be safe, you can first apply the mask on your hands and wait 15 minutes. If irritation does not appear, then the composition can be applied to individuals. It is not recommended to use a honey mask, if the face of intensive growth the hair or vasodilation.

Cons masks based on honey:

  • they are quite sticky;
  • when you use the mask on your face the honey may drip on your clothes;
  • honey and other components often used in masks, in some people cause allergies.

General guidelines

  • mask should be prepared immediately before use;
  • — you should use organic components;
  • — the honey must be filtered, as unfiltered product contains dust, pollen, remains of bees, and they can cause allergies;
  • — whenwashing the mask you can't use soap;
  • — after the procedure you need to rinse the face with warm, then cool water to facial muscles were tight;
  • — before applying the mask the skin need to clean with detergent, soap can not be applied;
  • — always check the components on the probability of allergic reactions.