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Mask of clay from acne: what better help

Always remained fashionable and practical treatment, using cosmetic clay or dirt, or rather, it's a conversation about masks from clay.

This "environmentally friendly procedure is often offered in many beauty salons. We emphasize that clay has always been considered the most pure and powerful substance that is capable of maintaining the elasticity of the skin, restoring the balance of metabolism, prolong youth of the skin, and of course, to get rid of acne.

The color of the clay and its importance

Kinds of cosmetic clay and its application are different, and this diversity depends on the skin condition and treatment. The color of the clay it is possible to determine the presence of impurities in its composition. Note most common and popular color, and accordingly, the types:

  • Often the treatment is carried out using white clay cleanser for the face. It really is white – it is connected with presence in the main composition of aluminum compounds and silicon. Also, as part of white clay is kaolin, and it is just able to positively affect the oily skin type. In addition, white clay is suitable for skin that is excessively exposed to acne.
  • In the blue clay there are copper and chromium. What salt of these metals is able to give such hints. This type is used for sluggish and dehydrated-type skin.
  • It should be noted that the composition of the green clay has a lot of silver compounds.

Properties of clay and its therapeutic effect

  1. Clay is a serious antiseptic medication that is able If there are cuts, bruises, dermatologic diseases of the mask will have to do as needed. In this case, care is through the day.

    During treatment should follow a specific, easy diet. It is recommended to drink more juices and mineral water. Mud masks and clay masks are able to provide blood flow to the affected area. I do not advise smeared with clay completely, it is sufficient to apply the mixture only on the affected part.

    A large number of manufacturers of clay do not stop there. Today produced a lot of different powders, which are designed, for example, for the recovery of the surface of the legs, the bust, to soften the skin of the face.

    Important! If the choice is made correctly, clay is purchased not with those additives that are needed after spreading on the face or on the bust can be seen a slight peeling, so that the choice of clay should be treated carefully, it would not seem that this is a very simple point.

    You should know that the clay is able not only to treat acne arising on the face, but also to eliminate the appearance of spider veins, or dissolve scars.

    Maskclay for acne

    To mask is to be maximally useful, there are also rules of preparation of application:

    • It is not recommended to use utensils made of aluminum or iron for mixing masks out of clay.
    • As diluent of the mixture to use raw water, and decoction of medicinal herbs used in the treatment of acne.
    • As for the consistency of the mass, it needs to be spreadable.
    • Application must hold a thick layer of clay to cover the area of the skin.

    With regard to the preparation of the skin, it can be cleaned from grease and dirt, it is quite suitable for simple and cosmetic lotions. The mask is able to dry various kinds of inflammation, heal acne, positively contribute to the restoration of water-lipid balance of the skin.