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Ointments of pimples and blackheads: reviews of ointments and review

Pimples are red, swollen, suppuration. If acne covered face, it brings not only physical inconvenience, but mental suffering. What to do if puberty has left behind, and pimples and don't think to leave the skin? To use ointments! Choose the one that will assist in each individual case will help you review the Top 10 best ointments for acne. Before using any new creams you need to test for an allergic reaction – apply a small quantity on the inside bend of the elbow. If during the day this place does not appear Allergy, the ointment can be used for face.

Salicylic ointment

Salicylic acid is dried and disinfect inflamed areas. Mild form acne can safely use a 2% concentration, if the case started to choose better 5%. Do not expect quick results – the duration of treatment should be from a week to three. To treat inflamed should point, dealing a small amount of the ointment on the pimple. Leave on the face can be from 2 hours to eight, so that is not dried up better to seal the treated area with a bandage. After the procedure, the face wash with warm water and applied moisturizer. If the skin on the face dry salicylic acid should be used with caution – there is a danger overdry the skin, which will have a negative impact on the state of the inflamed areas. A little secret: dry skin can use salicylic ointment acne in mix with night cream – this will reduce the possibility of over-drying the skin. The mixture was stored in the refrigerator no longer than two weeks.

Streptocida ointment

Sulfanilamide is the active ingredient of this ointment – only valid point, apply it to the entire surface of the skin is impossible. Has excellent drying and healing properties. Good to use in the treatment of allergic and inflammatory diseases, infectious diseases of the skin is virtually useless. The course of treatment, not longer than 7 days. Better not to use in small spots distributed over a large surface. But the major acne. Helps with internal suppuration, who can not break out streptocida ointment acne them perfectly fulfill its direct functions, and will reduce inflammation. A little secret: in addition to streptotsidom ointments you can use streptocid tablets – dissolved in a mixture of boric acid and alcohol solution of salicylic – the resulting lotion wipe the problem areas.


Zinc oxide, included in the composition of the ointment on the skin creates an invisible barrier that prevents further spread of bacteria, provoking the appearance of acne and pimples. Ointment great heals pustules, reduces the risk of scarafter acne. Zinc has antibacterial and healing properties, and petrolatum (the main component of an ointment) moisturizes and softens the skin. Therefore, zinc ointment for acne is indicated for use people with dry skin. You can use it 4-5 times a day, and causing pitting and rubbing evenly over the entire surface. accelerate the division and growth of new. Second – irritating skin receptors, which increases blood flow and speeds up metabolism in the epidermis. This reduces the risk of scarring. The disadvantages of the use of sulfur ointment is that it is very bad of dirt, so it is best to smudge it in clothes, good tolerance to boiling. A little secret: if you remove the balance of the ointment from the face quite hard, you can use boiled warm vegetable oil.


On effects same sintomitsinovoy that provides part of the antibiotic erythromycin. Suitable only in cases when confirmed the bacterial nature of acne. To apply pinpoint, the duration of use should be determined by the doctor. Many say that eritromicina ointment severely dry skin on the face. In the early days of applying the ointment may include the local exfoliation of the skin, redness, which upon further treatment are. Usually this is due to the reaction of the skin on the face for a tool. If after 3 days of applying the ointment initial reactions persist or intensify treatment should stop. A little secret: do not apply too thickly or RUB it into the skin – it can cause side effects.


Almost magic remedy subcutaneous pimples on the face. Internal pull pimples, however, For the application layer, using a 1% concentration of 3% is applied only on the affected areas. Good help even in advanced cases, if it prevue rash on the face. The course of treatment – from one week to 2 months. If after this period there are no results, the tool needs to change. A little secret: during acne treatment it is better to completely abandon tonal – powder and cream. Mingling with the allocated skin fat, they create a fertile environment for development of pathogens of acne.

YAM ointment

Included in the product sulfur, salicylic acid, lanolin, zinc oxide and tar has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect. And lanolin even and helps to soften the skin. If the storage components exfoliate – okay, the just need to mix. The duration of the first application – 5 minutes, the second time is doubled, and later tripled. Use the product 2 times a day. Drawback of the tool is its relatively short period of timestorage – just 2 weeks, then you need to buy a new one. Do not be afraid that the tool is intended for treatment of animals, it is safe and effective for humans. It is also only vetapteka. A little secret: Yam ointment is applied not only to the affected area, but also capture a region of about 2 cm of healthy skin. The list clearly showed that it is impossible to choose which ointment would be best, it is important to be close to her and under the skin.