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Shampoo to remove seborrheic crusts: shampoo Mustela

Often the head of the infant in the first year of baby's life is covered by yellowish crusts, which is popularly known as "the lullaby "cap". This is due to enhanced secretion of the sebaceous glands. If at this point to use non-allergenic cosmetics for children, improper care of baby's skin may cause the appearance on the head of seborrheic crusts.

Most often, such entities can appear at the top of the head and forehead and fontanel. If promptly and properly to care for the condition of the head of the baby, you can quickly get rid of seborrheic crusts. And soon the child will begin to grow, beautiful and soft hair.

The causes of seborrheic crusts

  • Often the crust can appear because of excessive concern for the baby's health. Some young moms for fear that the child catch a cold, put his head warm a cap not only on the street but at home, what not to do. New education can, even with constant care to appear again in the areas where most sweating head toddler.
  • Overly fragrant and bright children's cosmetics may cause irritation on baby's skin, even if it says that the shampoo is perfect for babies. Too bright colors and rich aroma of say that in cosmetics are fragrances and dyes in large quantity, and which reaction occurs.
  • Daily shampooing while bathing can also cause the formation of seborrheic crusts. The fact is that frequent washing of the scalp can dry out and exacerbate dermatitis.
  • The frequent appearance of scabs on his head may reflect individual predisposition of the baby's immunity to allergenic drugs.

How to get rid of seborrheic crusts with shampoo Mustela

To make the crust on baby's head quickly went down, in no event it is impossible to scrape off, as this can damage the baby's delicate skin. In places the scratches can get infected, leading to inflammation.

It is important to note that the crust is a natural process the body activity, and they are not a disease. So no need to resort to any treatments with medicinal or cosmetic products. All that is needed is the right, daily and thorough care of the child.

When caring for sensitive skin of the baby's head will help a mild shampoo from the company Mustela, which is designed specifically to gently and carefully get rid of seborrheic crusts. The price of an innovative product is low, the shampoo has a soft texture and delicate tint.

Remove crusts in infants is due to the effects on the skin with special components, which are included in the shampoo and havesoftening and exfoliating action. Mustela baby shampoo is an excellent choice for permanent use not only to cleanse the scalp, but also to prevent new development For my baby to use a soft comb made of natural materials. It should be gently led comb on the head, no sudden movements. The procedure should be carried out only after washing when the skin is softened, in this case, removing crusts will not bring pain and harm the baby.

To scales on the baby's head after their removal is not formed anew, it is necessary carefully and to care for the baby, observing certain rules of hygiene:

  • Wash the child's head with shampoo should only once or twice during the week. The rest of the time you can simply rinse your scalp with plain water.
  • After drying the head of hair should be gently combed.
  • You need to dress your child for the weather so that the head did not sweat and had not formed rash under her hat.
  • With the introduction of the new mixtures should carefully observe the child's reaction to unfamiliar food to the baby's skin appeared allergic rash.
  • For lactating mothers it is recommended to carefully monitor the diet to eliminate harmful to the tenth health food, causing an allergic reaction in toddler through breast milk.

The way to get rid of seborrheic crusts

Before you start bathing the baby, it is necessary to soften the scalp. About an hour need to smear the head of the baby with baby oil, vaseline or salicylic ointment and put on the baby cotton hat. Cap protects against the ingress of oil into the eyes and create a warming effect. This will help the scabs to soften and faster to separate from the skin. Before you go to the bathroom, you need to carefully remove the cap and massage scalp with a soft brush.

Start bathing with the wash using a special shampoo Mustela. The scalp is treated and massaged, after which the means for throttling gently washed away, so water did not get into the eyes of a child. You must ensure that the skin surface is left clean, oil, and shampoo must rinse thoroughly. After baby is bathed, the head should be carefully wiped with a Terry bath towel. Dry the head is not required.

If the wash failed to remove all crusts should be gently combed the baby's head fine-toothed comb and massage head with a soft brush. It is important that the teeth of the comb was dull, and the brush was made of natural cloth. When cleaning from the scales to the area of the Fontanelle should not worry and be afraid to touch him.

Proper hair carechild

To the baby's hair to grow beautiful and healthy. It is necessary to observe some important rules when caring for the scalp of the child.

Need to keep your baby's head is open, permitting the air temperature. The house is also better to abandon the frequent wearing of caps to the head could breathe freely and no sweat, then the treatment of seborrhea of the head will be easier.

In the first months of life of the child on the head usually grows fluff that does not need to wash with special cosmetics. Mustela shampoo is usually used when you need to clean the skin surface from seborrheic scales. After the child's hair will begin to grow and gain density, you can begin to use baby shampoo twice a week.

To hair faster gained density and power, is to brush them before every drip and after it. This has a positive effect on hair follicles and stimulates fast hair growth. If the hair is tangled, do not need to pull and try to break down sharply. Better handle a tangled strand of baby oil and then try gently to separate the strands. If to untangle the child's hair did not work, you need to cut an intricate piece with sharp scissors.