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Skinoren - application and reviews

It is no secret that the disease of acne or simple acne, is causing a lot of troubles to people. Because of the skin problems people feel uncomfortable, ashamed of his appearance and often avoids contact with others.

Many incorrectly believe that acne are just a teenage phenomenon, however, this is incorrect. In more than fifty percent of cases inflammation of the skin occurs in women over the age of 18. And often, the inflammatory process becomes chronic phenomenon.

How curable this disease?

Usually acne in older women has a chronic phenomenon. Acne to disappear, but after some time the process escalates and they again appear on the face. If you do not take efforts, it may takes up to 40-45 years, causing mass of inconveniences and grievances. However, we must be prepared for the fact that for a complete deliverance from illness need a long treatment and regular skin care.

Ambulance in the fight against acne

Skinoren is an effective drug for the treatment of acne, both mild and moderate severity. The drug is azelaic acid, which helps to regulate the disorders of the sebaceous glands, eliminate inflammation, decrease oiliness of the skin and align the microrelief of the skin.

The drug is sold in the form of gel and cream in pharmacies without a prescription. The gel is available in the dosage of 15, 30 and 50 grams of cream at a dosage of 30 grams. The shelf life of the drug at a temperature not above 25 degrees – 3 years.

The use of the drug and dosage

The dosage and period of using the drug Skinoren depends on the individual characteristics of the organism and clinical disease. The drug can be used for a long enough period at any time of the year. Facts negative effects from the overdose were recorded. The application is possible together snno in this disease, be sure to use sunscreen UVB and UVA, to avoid exacerbation of the disease and the appearance of pigmentation in the bleached areas tell.

Make sure that the drug did not get into the eyes or on open wounds. In case of contact rinse the skin area with water. Moreover, keep away from children, out of their reach.

Rules of applying the

Before applying the medication wash your skin with water or cleanser for the face and dry thoroughly with a cloth or towel. Skinoren should be applied to dry skin two times a day in morning and evening hours. Gently rubbing, apply the medication not just for acne, but all the problem areas.

Don't forget about regular application of a cream or gel for the entire course of treatment. The result of the impact of the drug can be seen after four weeks, for the bestexposure is recommended to use the cream or gel for several months.

In the first days after application possible mild skin irritation and itching of the skin, but do not be afraid, the symptoms will disappear after a few days of use Skinoren.

If irritation does not disappear for a long time, you need to reduce the amount used of the drug to once a day or to abandon its use for a few days until the peeling and itching.


Judging by the numerous reviews, Skinoren left a very ambiguous impression. On the one hand, the medicine effectively helps in getting rid of acne, on the other a note that immediately following cancellation, the skin rash appears again in large quantities.

So, for example, here are a few reviews:

Julia, 21 years: the cream helped after a while, the immediate effect I noticed. However, I used it some cat, almost without paying attention to the instructions for use.

Katya, 24 years: to me, the drug helped, but immediately after lifting the skin again acne, and the feelings, they became even more than before the course.

Lena, 22 years: but I drug all came and left me satisfied. A few years of unsuccessful battles with acne and just Skinoren perfect, literally three months, and on the skin and not a trace of acne.