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Suppositories trichomoniasis: what to use to treat (name)

Trichomoniasis effective means are candles, which affect a focus of infection directly. However, women are recommended to use this drug in parallel with taking medications orally.

Vaginal suppositories quickly get rid of the infection, but after a time, in the absence of comprehensive treatment of trichomoniasis may re-escalate and cause discomfort.

The choice of suppositories for the treatment of trichomoniasis

In order to find the right treatment plan, you must contact the doctor who will perform necessary tests and based on the results, prescribe medicines.

It is better not to rely on the advice of friends, and to choose the drug individually, as if informed with any vaginal suppositories were used, the infection can get used to the drug and will be resistant to it. In this case, you must choose other vaginal suppositories another manufacturer.

To determine to which drugs the infection is less sensitive, the doctor performs a bacterial culture. A week later, the results will be ready – and the doctor will prescribe accurate and effective against trichomoniasis. More accurate and extensive information waiting for you in the article is Not less effective and well-known drug against trichomoniasis is Carbon", which includes such a substance as Acetarsol. This substance consists of arsenic, but due to the fact that the preparation includes glucose, toxic effects on the body completely eliminated.

As you know, glucose in the conversion to lactic acid is able not only to stop the reproduction of the infection, but also to prevent the ingress into the blood of such dangerous substances as arsenic.

Not excluded cases of the discovery of additional infections, in addition to trichomoniasis, in this case, the doctor prescribes a vaginal suppositories "Neotribal". Therapeutic drug comprises the antibiotic neomycin, hormone prednisolone and the antifungal miconazole. It contributes to the destruction of trichomoniasis and candidiasis, which can cause Vaginal suppositories trichomoniasis apply in the evening before bed. With the introduction of the woman must lie on her back, the medicine is inserted into the vagina as deeply as possible. In the case of the disappearance of itching and unpleasant discharge to stop the course of treatment of vaginal candles should not be.

It is important to know that the use of suppositories greatly reduces the effectiveness of protection condoms. During menstruation do not use suppositories, as the effect of treatment will be minimal. The treatment should start immediately after the women's selections.

The use of vaginal plugs pregnant

Pregnantwomen should opt for the whole period of wearing of the child in the womb from receiving any medicines. However, trichomoniasis can be dangerous to the unborn child, so often assigned to treatment under the supervision of a physician.

The use of vaginal plugs the only option for treatment of trichomoniasis during pregnancy, as other drugs are strictly contraindicated. When such treatment will not get rid of the infection but would reduce the risk of fetal infection from mother.

Similar treatment with vaginal plugs is permitted only on the second and third trimester of pregnancy. The first months of pregnancy and breastfeeding contraindications for use suppositories.

In some cases, you can resort to unconventional treatment, as described in the material — trichomoniasis: treatment of folk remedies, but it must be complex.