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Lipoma: the risk of tumors inside the lungs

Abnormal growth of lung tissue leads to the formation of benign tumors. Cells can consist of a normal and viable groups. The focus of growth is connective, muscle or fat layer. Lipoma lung is formed from adipose tissue.

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A good therapeutic effect has the following recipes:

  • Eat 1.5 tablespoons of cinnamon daily.
  • Protectionnon oblast Wen applying compresses of aloe, Kalanchoe or Golden mustache.
  • Shiitake mushrooms help the lip to dissolve. From them prepare tincture on alcohol during the week. Drink one tablespoon daily.
  • Hellebore Caucasian pour boiling water and allowed to stand twelve hours. It has absorbing and purifying effect on the entire body. Three-month course relieves the patient of benign tumors and restores energy of the body.
  • Pine pollen rubs mixed with honey. After each meal the mixture, take a tablespoon. Decoction of oregano serves to wash down the medication.

Timely operative treatment and traditional methods provides a good prediction of the disease. Benign processes almost never recur.