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Rehabilitation and the consequences of removing lipomas

A lipoma is a soft loose subcutaneous lump, which is formed of fatty tissues. Neoplasms do not cause the person discomfort, not counting the aesthetic. In most cases, a lipoma is only a cosmetic problem.

Наблюдение и осложнения

So, any serious complications after surgery usually does not occur but the patient should know what kind of trouble he could encounter, not counting those which we have listed above:

  • bruising;
  • swelling;
  • infection;
  • loss of sensation at the time;
  • keloid scarring.

As a rule, nothing of the kind occurs if the operation is conducted by an experienced surgeon, and the patient follows the doctor's recommendations.

Preventative measures after surgery

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Prevention after surgical removal of fatty tumors is very simple, so that the appearance and growth of lipomas does not depend on the way of life, nor from the power supply. It is important to constantly monitor all growths on the skin and to promptly contact their doctor.