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What is asbestovyi zoster: description, symptoms, treatment, prevention

About asbestos depriving doctors have completely different opinions, some experts call it not disease, and the first stage of psoriasis. Let's try to understand what constitutes asbestovyi ringworm why it develops on the skin and what are its symptoms with treatment.

Causes bestowing depriving

Asbestovyi ringworm is a type of eczematous skin reaction from the hairy area of the head injury. However, this is not the only reason for its appearance, and it can often appear beyond explanation, then there is absolutely no apparent reason.

This condition is complicated by the simple lichenum, psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis. It is difficult to assess the combination of this type of lichen other diseases. The assessment will depend on a correct clinical diagnosis.

Symptoms bestowing depriving

The first thing you can note the appearance of numerous glued together with a silver scales that overlap each other and adhere on the hair, attaching layers to the hair shaft.

The skin may be moist and red. In addition, it is erythema, peeling and other signs of psoriasis, simple lichen or seborrheic dermatitis.

Girls common form of the disease, complicated by chronic or recurrent fissures. Skin lesions usually occurs behind the ears. Often, however, the peeling is spreading to neighboring areas of the hairy part.

Another form of disease is characterized by lesions simple lichen that appears due to intense medical intervention.

These type of disease occurs most often in middle-aged women. In the course of the disease the lesions affect small areas of the scalp, however, the process can go on, and there are numerous small foci.

If the child got sick, the wrong treatment can start psoriasis. Patients hair is falling out in places peeling. When effective regimen for treating hair stop falling out and start growing.


Diagnosed the doctor, based on distinct clinical picture, however, the disease, which originated zoster, it is not always possible to identify. Sometimes this disease just yet.

In skin biopsies, the most distinct change is the migration of the lymphocytes into the epidermis and acanthosis of varying degrees. The main characteristics, which determine asbestovyi zoster – giperkeratoz and parakeets along with follicular keratosis, the latter surrounds the hair in the form of corneal halo. it is also important to distinguish this disease from other types, for example, will help in this matter dermatosis e.g. psoriasis, eczema, lichen normal, etc.

Sometimes the disease develops on the backgroundphysical head trauma or infection. Asbestos shingles treated for a long time, eliminating the main thing to start on time. Traditional medicine offers many effective methods of dealing with this unpleasant disease. On this background, it is possible to learn, and spoon toadflax and pour boiled water.

After insisting the medicine strain and drink 3 times a day. The infusion of saponaria – rhizome peel and finely chop. Plant pour 1 teaspoon of boiling water and leave to infuse for up to 8 hours. Infusion, take 50 ml with an interval of four hours. Together with outer means effective to drink 2 milliliters of sea buckthorn oil.

In the process of treatment shows rehabilitation vitamins. It is especially important to take vitamins B12 and B6.


If the disease is recognized complication of psoriasis or a simple lichen — you need to treat the main disease. Sometimes doctors take the decision first to eliminate high peeling ointments with tar, for example, Pregmatar. The use of tar is generally recommended for many types of lichen, for example, if it is a linear zoster.

Effective for many skin diseases. The ointment must be washed off from the scalp after 4 or 5 hours after application. However, you need to be observant, because the disease often gives a relapse some time after apparent recovery.