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The duration of the incubation period, depriving the person

It is believed that ringworm is transmitted to humans only through contact with sick animals. In fact, only one disease spread this way. Some of them treated faster, others slower. However, before people notice the first signs (redness and inflammation of the skin), must pass the incubation period of the infection. How long it lasts in adults and children, is it possible to learn about the disease as soon as possible?

Ringworm appears as

Ringworm is a skin disease, the result of the attack the body herpes viruses or fungi. When some types of the disease appears severe itching and burning of the skin with peeling, and in some cases even start to lose hair. Sometimes affected a small section, and sometimes the disease captures a significant region. Especially scares modern man the possibility of depriving on your hands and face.

The disease is transmitted contact-household way. This means that even touching the subject that was previously touched by the patient, sufficient for infection. At high risk are people with low immune protection.

The types of lichen

На фото: лишай у собак

When infected from cats or dogs, and it is usually a fungal infection, the average incubation period is 8 to 15 days. At this time you are t

Duration very much depends on the human immune system, as well as the presence of chronic or goes untreated diseases. If it is weak — the incubation period is much less and the disease will manifest after a few days. In case of strong immune protection, the disease can not develop in principle.

Disinfection of apartments and things from depriving

To prevent re-occurrence of lichen is very important to conduct a thorough cleaning of the entire premises, all clothing that was in contact with the patient.

  • flag do a thorough cleaning of all rooms, affecting the surface of the furniture;
  • after wet cleaning, you must disinfect all surfaces with antifungal agents;
  • if you have Caravel, for disinfection of the room would be sufficient and 15 minutes of work;
  • the floor covering shall be washed with water with the addition of iodine and vinegar;
  • for obrabotki upholstered furniture and pillows can assist hlorgeksidinom steam;
  • all linen of the patient need to boil in water from 90 degrees Celsius with 10-15 minutes, processing of low temperature (freezing things) will kill spores.


To protect your health, you need to perform a few simple recommendations:

  • do not use personal hygiene of another person;
  • after every ward from street to washhands;
  • try not to touch stray animals;
  • wearing clothes can well protect body against cold and dampness;
  • if there was even a slight suspicion on barn itch, tinea or pityriasis versicolor, you need to go to the doctor.

To prevent the spread of infection to the patient is necessary to limit the contact, and the use of common things/items with other family members. It is given separate crockery and linen.