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How to treat pityriasis rosea: photo home treatment of folk remedies

Pityriasis rosea or ringworm Gibert, can pass unnoticed and without treatment. However, it is not recommended to leave the problem unattended as to deprive rose can join an infectious inflammation of the skin, for example, stafilodermia or streptoderma or eczema. Treatment is necessary to prevent these complications.

What should deprive the sick rose

When a person is sick pink deprive better to abandon bathing in the bathroom. For washing better to use a shower, taking detergents that gently interact with skin. Generally, staying under direct sunlight should be totally excluded.

It is not recommended to wear synthetic clothes, especially underwear. In addition, do not wear materials made with natural wool.

No long-term effect on the skin sweat.


The process of treatment involves a diet that excludes any pickled foods, spicy, smoked dishes as well as coffee and alcohol.

In addition, the patient should not use allergenic products, this includes eggs, honey, fish, chocolate, citrus juices and fruits, nuts.

Local treatment

For outdoor use perfect money and ointments that are recommended by a dermatologist, after accurate diagnosis.

The problem is that different types of lichen should be treated with different drugs, and apparently all of the disease can be similar to each other.

Well established in the treatment of pink lichen traditional medicines, but their use should be discussed with a doctor, and they litter just, will feature more moments that will make comprehensive treatment.

So, for example, can rash grease with vegetable oil: peach oil, milk Thistle, sea buckthorn, dog rose.

Since ringworm leads to subjective feelings, and it is itching and burning, it is necessary to provide for the use of funds for their withdrawal.

Positive effect against itching demonstrates the " cream "Romazulan", as well as natural Apple cider vinegar.

You can use one of these tools, lubricating places depriving from 7 to 10 times a day until complete healing and eliminating symptoms.

Traditional medicine also offers treatment pink lichen the use of the juice of celandine tincture or ointment of dried calendula flowers.

Pharmacology and treatment of pink lichen

If itching is very pronounced, the doctor prescribes medication anti-histamine action, for example:

  • her
  • claritin
  • or zyrtec for oral administration.

In addition, it is shown to the use of ointments, having in its composition a corticosteroid hormones.

Of course, hormonal drugs should be applied only in extreme cases, andsolely at the recommendation and under the supervision of a physician.

If to deprive join other skin infection, then the doctor should prescribe broad-spectrum antibiotic, which will help to solve the problem and stop the spread of the disease is attached.

To strengthen the immune system, improving its job, you need to consume vitamin complexes, such as:

  • alphabet
  • Complivit,
  • BioMax,
  • Vitrum,

Also the use of natural Immunostimulants – schisandra or Echinacea. You need to perform complex restorative procedures, to harden, to walk in the fresh air and exercise.

When pink lichen do not wash the skin, which affected hot water to soak it and lubricate these areas with products that contain alcohol, sulfur, or tar. These actions only increase the itching and increase the irritation.

An unconventional approach to the treatment of pink lichen

There are many folk remedies that remove the discomfort and itching in the treatment of pink lichen. For example, it relieves itching calendula ointment.

It is interesting to note that it is possible to make your own at home.

For example, a simple recipe assumes that 10 grams of dried flowers of calendula have to grind to the consistency of powder, mixing this powder with 50 grams of vaseline. Ointment should be used 2 or 3 times a day, applying on affected area.

This also eliminates the discomfort of itching and burning in the field of pink lichen and Apple cider vinegar, about which we wrote above.

To reduce itching and promotes the use of fresh cabbage leaves. Leaves smear cream applied to the affected areas and hold until the cream is dry. After that, the old sheet to the new change.

Discomfort removes also the infusion of milkweed, or celandine. A great effect achieved from the use of the decoction of beets with honey. Do not forget about the oils, has antipruritic and anti-inflammatory effect. Mean mammal, sea buckthorn oil or peach.

There is another great remedy for pink lichen. You need to take a raw egg, separate the whites and yolks and strain the liquid, that is, between the shell and film. The fluid needs to lubricate sore area. Also places zoster cause chicken bile.

Ringworm can be lubricated with ointment that incorporates zinc oxide, glycerin, talc and water. These ingredients are available in any pharmacy.

There is one simple recipe from pink lichen, which few people know. Need to set fire to the twisted into a roll the newspaper with the edge. When the paper is completely burned, it will be some dark brown liquid. It is this fluid and to lubricate zoster, but do it before it gets cold.The illness usually goes away after 2-3 applications of this method.

Traditional medicine offers another remedy for pink lichen: a poultice of boiled buckwheat. They are overlaid on affected area of skin at least 2 times a day.

In addition to external means employing a variety of decoctions and infusions inside.

These include, first and foremost, a decoction of horsetail. It is made this way: 40 grams of plants pour two liters of boiling water, allow to steep and drink three times a day 3 tablespoons at a time.

Tincture of celandine also relieves the unpleasant symptoms pink lichen. The flowers and leaves of celandine pour vodka, allowing to stand for up to 20 days. Means drink is based half a teaspoon 15 minutes before meals.

The treatment of the child

Children very rarely get sick pink deprive. This kind of depriving in childhood may appear on the background of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, or fever after vaccination (in rare cases). It is important to know how does ringworm in children, not to be mistaken with the disease.

Ringworm in children is usually spread small rashes all over the body. If there is a characteristic rash of the disease, you need to take your child to the dermatologist, it is important not to postpone the visit to the doctor, as Rob says about the fall of the immune system, so there is an adverse reason which continues to develop in the body of the child.

Statistics show that children get rid of pink lichen is two times faster than adults.

During the illness of children is good to drink a decoction of elderberry. About 1 tablespoon of flowers pour a glass of boiling water and insist 20 minutes. A child should drink 4 tablespoons of broth 3 times a day.

Do not underestimate the effect of choleretic and diuretic decoctions. The use of such drugs has been proved over the centuries.

In the preventive purposes it is crucial to continually strengthen your immune system and to adhere to the classical rules of hygiene. The benefits of a daily walk in the fresh air and the hardening of the body. Must full and eat right.