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Ringworm on the face, hands and feet. How and what to cure.

Shingles is a disease caused by fungi, immune disorders or viruses, which is localized on the skin. Sick ringworm can not only animals, but people, and of any sex and age. Lilinoe skin lesions has distinct symptoms, both external and internal, causing discomfort to the carrier. Affects any place on the body. To cure the disease completely is a long process, and start it better in the early stages. The symptoms and treatments can vary because depriving several varieties, which are caused by different pathogens require different treatment method.

Almost every person faced with ringworm, but there are a number of reasons why the risk of infection increases.

The main causes of

  • Contact with a sick person or animal;
  • Lowered immunity and frequent stress;
  • Diseases of the nervous system and disturbances of the digestion;
  • Failure to observe the rules of personal hygiene, using other people's things;
  • Heredity.

How to diagnose the disease

In order to prescribe the correct treatment requires an accurate diagnosis, which can put only a specialist after carrying out certain measures for the diagnosis of lichen, because of its there are many and not all of them understood. However, the most common is easy to detect, to do this, carry out the following steps:

  • Inspection of the affected area of the skin. Often this is enough to diagnose the disease, because the doctors know what it looks like ringworm in humans.
  • Scraping from the surface Lisino plaque, it allows you to recognize the pathogen if it is caused by a fungus.
  • With wood you can recognize pityriasis versicolor, the causative agent of which is the fungus.
  • A blood test.

After all of these procedures for the diagnosis, recognizing the signs of depriving a person can begin treatment. It will be assigned in accordance with what is fungus, what pathogen caused and at what stage of development is.

Depending on what part of the body is the disease, can be slightly modified method of treatment, but experts can highlight what types of herpes which often occur.

Ringworm in humans on face and head

На фото: лишай на спине

On the surface of the body often spread varieties of the disease, which does not affect the limbs. It is primarily tinea versicolor prone to recurrence of skin disease caused by a herpes virus. In most people the virus "sleeps" in the nerve endings, but after exposure, stress, when problems with the immune system, he wakes up, forming bands on the body along the ribs. Itpainful and itchy bubbles, whose appearance is accompanied by a rise in temperature and fever.

A lichen is treated only with antiviral. In order to help the body apply the immunomodulators, antipyretic and a tonic, which revealed bubbles smeared green paint or salicylic alcohol. It is contagious to people who are not carriers of herpes.

Also on the back often appear pinkish plaques lichen Gibert, also accompanied by fever. Its causes are unclear, but presumably he also has a viral nature.

Do not disdain the skin of the back and fungi. Knowing how to treat ringworm on the face, you can use this knowledge for the treatment of fungal infections on any part of the body.

Remember that the disease is treatable, most importantly, to start doing it as soon as possible after the first symptoms. But, as we all know how to be treated, it is better to try not to hurt and, therefore, should carry out all measures protivolavinnoj prevention.