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Types of herpes infectious and safe for human

Often, the appearance of pink spots on the body does not cause anxiety – most do not even know the nature of its origin, whether it be an insect bite or micropeplinae. But don't let it go, it is necessary to monitor the healing process of wounds, treat skin disinfectant and healing and pay attention to all the changes with inflammation, and so to complete his healing. If, despite all preventive measures, the focus will start to increase or be duplicated exponentially, the urgent need to make an appointment to the dermatologist!

Characteristics and common symptoms

На фото: опоясывающий лишай

Herpes zoster, or shingles which causes a lot of discomfort for the sick person – he can't wear tight clothes or take a comfortable position while lying down. Here it will not be point entities, the rash will strike a large area of the body – the face, back, shoulders, chest area, etc. herpes Zoster is characterized by bubble formations from the liquid inside. Through physical contact of the affected area with other objects the patient feels the pain. The bubbles burst and subsequently dries, forming a crust. During illness there is an increase in body temperature.

The origin of herpes zoster virus, the causative agent is the herpes virus third type, the same virus that causes chicken pox. It should be noted that the occurrence of this disease symptoms similar to chickenpox, what's more, people who recover from chickenpox, the risk of getting them is significantly reduced.

Contagious shingles? Danger hides in itself that is the fluid contained in the bubbles. If it enters in a healthy body there is a great risk of Contracting shingles. The disease is transmitted during direct contact with patients. People without immunity to varicella is often ill not Gericom, and chicken pox.

Treatment is antiviral drugs for local or systemic action. Also is immunostimulatory therapy.

If passed pityriasis (color) shingles

    • Pityriasis rosea

      This kind of disease also applies to infectious and transmitted from person to person. The greatest risk are those with weakened immune systems in chronic use, or after the transfer of serious viral diseases.

      People with normal immunity it is not threatened, even when in the same room with a native lichen Gibert.

      What is the danger of ringworm to humans

      One of the most dangerous of herpes for a man is cutting. It is easy to pick up fromanother person, a pet or through common goods. Further, the disease affects the skin, hair follicles and destroys the nail plate.

      If time does not begin treatment, the disease becomes chronic, it affects the deeper layers of the skin and a very poorly to therapy with the use of specialized medicines. Additional danger from robbing is manifested in the release of bacterial toxins, which can provoke the manifestation of various allergic reactions. This is especially true for women during pregnancy and lactation.

      To protect yourself from various types of lichen need in the first place, to observe rules of personal hygiene and changes in your skin as soon as possible to consult a specialist.