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Cat ringworm - how is, photos, the treatment of the child

Feline ringworm is a fungal disease caused by fungi of the species microsporia and trichophytosis. These fungi are parasitic on the skin and hair covers as cats, and adults and children. It is also called the shearers, let's see how looks the cat's ringworm and not only on the photo.

Causes disease ringworm

Most likely to get infected with this disease from stray animals, mostly cats, hence the name

Second name ringworm this disease is got from the fact that some time after infection the hair at the site of lesion fungal infection begin to break and fall out. In place of hair loss leads to baldness.

If you do not start timely treatment feline lichen, then soon the head of the patient will resemble a brush with short and hard bristles. Sometimes the disease does not cause hair breakage but the scalp begins to peel off. It seems that the person is abundant the dandruff, which is not subject to treatment.

Most often, sick ringworm for children, because it is passed from animals and children often with them and play, they are more in contact with stray animals, insufficiently comply with the necessary rules of hygiene and have a strong immune system, so If the patient has only affected exposed skin, there are small rashes, such symptoms are characteristic of some sexually transmitted diseases. In this case, the dermatologist appoints a more detailed examination and serological analysis of blood.

Also in the diagnosis analysis are the scales of the skin and hair of the patient. The most accurate method of determining disease — culture method. Its essence lies in the premises of the pathogenic fungi or other microorganisms in the culture medium After several days of breeding pure cultures conducted their analysis and study. However, this method is time consuming and quite expensive.

Treatment of ringworm

After the diagnosis and severity of disease, the dermatologist will choose the right treatment. Before treatment it is necessary to cut off the hair to prevent it from spreading to the neighboring areas of the scalp. To cut hair you need to once in 7-10 days. To combat ringworm treatment should be comprehensive. Along with antifungal ointments and gels, the doctor will prescribe a number of medicines taken by mouth, in some cases, it may be antibiotics, which treat the disease will have to be careful.

The treatment assumes that the scalp antifungal shampoo wash, the affected skin smeared with creams and gels, for example, I can not totally sleep, Ekstererom, Milsatcom and other antifungals that can be purchased in anypharmacy.

In addition to medications treatment at home comes with ringworm and other ways, help and folk remedies are perfectly able to treat him.. makes the patient's condition gadgets from Apple cider vinegar or iodine. To do this, take a cloth or a bandage moistened in water, diluted Apple cider vinegar and apply to affected areas of skin, and so to treat ringworm.

Good effect on feline ringworm in humans has iodine diluted in a 1:1 ratio with vodka. This solution can be treated and lubricated as exposed skin, and the hair of the head. But before you use traditional medicines, you must consult with your doctor.

Transmission of the disease to a healthy person

It is known that feline ringworm in humans is transmitted from an infected to a healthy person. In order to exclude infection of all household members, patient must be isolated in a separate room. The patient must have personal hygiene products, towel and linen, shingles is not transmitted.

Prevention of the disease

You need to know and follow a few simple rules that will help to prevent infection cat ringworm. As is known the disease is easier to prevent than to cure.

  • approximately every three months Pets led to a visit to the vet. This is especially true of animals who walk on the street;
  • fungi thrive in a moist environment, so when cleaning, use disinfectants;
  • each family member should have individual hygiene;
  • in public places, especially pools, saunas do not walk barefoot;
  • in public transport try not to touch the head of handrails or seat backs;
  • on arrival home from the street have to wash my hands.

In addition, the cause of the disease can become weakened immune system,