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What is linear zoster: description and photos in children

Linear lichen is one of the common types of dermatosis. However, as linear lichen to meet him is difficult, it is also a very rare disease of the skin.

Linear lichen most often diagnosed in children, rarely in young girls, but for men this kind of lichen is hardly known and the representatives of the stronger sex he is diagnosed very rarely.

The reasons for the development of lichen

To date, linear lichen is in the active phase of the study, so the exact cause of the development of this rare disease is not fully understood.

However, in medical circles, more and more dermatologists are inclined to believe that the basis for the development of this type of lichen is a neuritis, or inflammation of the peripheral nerve. In favor of the theory can cause symptoms of lichen, eruptions which are always positioned along the nerve and have the form of narrow strips.

As for the appearance of linear lichen on the skin, most often it can be found after the trauma or after infectious diseases.

Clinical manifestations

The main manifestation of linear lichen rash acts in the form of thin and long strips. The rash may consist of small nodules, which rarely exceed 2-3 mm.

As for the color scheme, she presented a pale pink color, the surface of the rash – spherical. To the touch the rash is quite stretchy in addition visually and to the touch the rash is a little above the surface of the skin.

We define several external features of linear lichen:

  • A rash always on the skin is strictly along the nerve endings.
  • Most common rash on legs and arms.
  • In this type of lichen rash another and parallel to the axis of the legs and arms.
  • Found a rash that goes the entire length of the arms or legs.
  • The rash appears most often instantly, with absolutely no subjective sensations.

Important! That's when linear lichen there is neither pain nor itching in the area of the rash. However, after denying there can be complications, but it depends on how far you have run the disease.

How to diagnose ringworm linear

As the clinical features of the dermatosis is quite specific, diagnosis of linear lichen is not difficult. The physician must distinguish ringworm from linear epidermal nevus and from similar lesions that occur in lichen planus and in addition, external treatment of a great importance is given to ointments with anti-inflammatory properties, for example, it may be naftizina or ointment For the treatment of linear lichen you can use a simple green tea, which is brewed with mint and lemon balm.

Finethe treatment demonstrates the decoction of hawthorn. To prepare it you'll need to mash one Cup of berries of a hawthorn, and then they are filled with boiling water. Infusion should cool down, after which he otzivite. In the finished broth, you can add honey and drink without restriction of quantity of consumption.

Fast enough to be able to cure ringworm linear infusion. In which structure enters:

  • Mint.
  • The fireweed.
  • Oregano.

Interestingly, for this recipe the ratio of herbs you can generally choose in any amount. Simply brew in the evening two tablespoons of the herb mixture in 500 ml boiling water, in the morning strain and drink the broth half a Cup 5 times a day.

Prevention of zoster and forecast

Treatment prognosis and full recovery in case of linear lichen is favorable. Rashes completely disappear a few months after beginning.

With regard to the prevention of disease, it is first necessary to prevent the emergence of a variety of neuritis. Should definitely avoid hypothermia, trauma of the skin, and the appearance of skin diseases, it just needs time to start cure to the infection purehoodia in the as Chronicles. Simple moments help to prevent the occurrence of linear zoster and prevent recurrence.