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How to treat ringworm on the head

The disease called "shingles" combines a number of ailments skin character.

Capable of localized zoster on any part of the skin, but shingles is mainly observed on the head; a little less frequently the disease manifests itself in the extremities, abdomen or back.

The disease is caused by fungi dermatophytes. Fungi, being the skin of a human or animal, have the capacity for independent living. Such microorganisms are in the air or on the surface of the skin, different items, however a healthy immune system is able to resist infection.

In the land disputes fungal infection can remain viable for up to two to three months.

The first symptoms of the disease

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To facilitate the affected areas apply, eliminate itching and flaking specialist may prescribe one of the following ointments:

  • salicylic
  • tar-sulfur
  • mikospor
  • lamisil-cream
  • clotrimazole
  • ointment Wilkinson

A one percent gel activin, micogel a great deal with a local manifestation of a fungal infection reducing the itching and relieving inflammation.

Healing takes from one to two months. Only well-chosen, prescribed individual treatment can bring relief from fungus. Self threatens the transition of the disease into a chronic form, which is poorly amenable to correction.

If ringworm is diagnosed in time, shaving the head does not need treatment antifungals can be carried out with a normal length of hair. In more advanced cases, shaving the head completely will have.

Popular homemade recipes

    • Prevention

      You should not neglect preventive measures.

      1. If the child has had contact with the animal, which can be painful ringworm, you should wash his hands and the body of economic or tar soap, to wash and to iron after drying clothes.
      2. After a week to show the baby to the doctor for examination using light wood for the early diagnosis of the disease.
      3. It is known that lavender oil, a preparation of turpentine, tea tree oil has a good antifungal activity. Shampoo "Nizoral" has a strong antifungal effect and can be a good preventive measure if you suspect contact with a sick person.
      4. For patients with shingles (herpes) on the head, one should observe rules of personal hygiene because the fungus spores from the skin easily fall on the surface where they can maintain an active state for up to three months. Well-known cases of re-contamination through poor personal hygiene.
      5. Bedding, underwear, clothingpatient wash individually with the use of disinfectant antifungal agents, possibly boiled and ironed after drying.
      6. It is necessary for the head to tie a scarf, wear a tightly fitting cap, they should be changed daily to be boiled. In the place of stay of the patient need to do daily wet cleaning. Personal hygiene items should be treated with antifungals, take a shower using disinfectants.
      7. Patient and resident with him family to wash their hands using detergents and cleaning products of antifungal activity. To shave the face using only individual means, preferably a single use, either to boil them after each procedure. Neck skin should be washed with soap and water several times throughout the day. To get rid of acne using a disinfectant prescribed by your doctor.