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Ringworm in humans: a variety of diseases

Shingles so still not got the full etymology, and it can be attributed almost to disease with the status of "mysteries".

No practical explanation of lichen. The only thing which still met all the doctors, just for the fact that shingles can occur on the surface of the skin as a result of prolonged stress on nerves and weakened immunity.


Since ringworm a skin disease, it can be concluded that the transmission and infection of ringworm is quite simple. You have to understand that by itself, zoster, is a complex of several dermatitis and several types of germs, viruses and fungi. Shingles may not fit in to any scheme of the flow, because the disease can go either wavy or sharply begin, or proceed in the latent form.

You can display and main types of lichen, which include:

  • pityriasis rosea,
  • cutting,
  • Have pink lichen symptoms typically starts to emerge in the spring and autumn period, at the moment a slight weakening of the immune system. It can be noted that pityriasis rosea is most often seen in girls due to certain physiological aspects. Pityriasis rosea is represented by small pink spots, which, as a rule, the rounded shape and slight peeling.

    Symptoms of ringworm can be recognize the formation on the scalp are small bald areas. The causative agent is the parasite Trichophyton.

    Microsporia, this species is also seen baldness, but not complete, and the area affected by ringworm, the hair break off at a distance of 10 mm from the skin. While itching there is either minimal or non-existent.

    One of the most dangerous of herpes zoster, which is a manifestation of the herpes virus third type. In children, this lichen is manifested in the form of a simple chickenpox, but the virus adult the third type is a real danger. But a strong pain syndrome, the virus attacks the nerves and is the most dangerous.

    Lichen planus affects not only the skin, but may be localized on the nail plate, and even on mucous membranes. With the defeat of the nail it is the stratification, and are formed on mucous bleeding lesions.

    Pityriasis (multicolored) versicolor is localized mostly on the surface of the neck and chest.

    White shingles are one of the few diseases which is not transmitted from person to person, that is, the disease is not contagious but on the skin is just pigmentation changes.


    As in most cases carriers of ringworm are dogs and cats, it is not surprising that most often catch ringworm children. To install exactlywhat type of skin lesions, the doctor takes a skin scraping and only after that the procedure starts with the treatment.

    Interestingly, the treatment involves rubbing the affected skin ointments, which are equally good at helping each patient have no contraindications to treatment, neither for children nor for pregnant women.

    But the pink zoster, it is a disease more complex, which is subject to strict hypoallergenic diet. It is important to pay attention to clothes, which should also be hypoallergenic and made from cotton or linen. In the treatment part of Immunostimulants and antihistamine, which should remove the feeling of strong itching. Used also creams and special lotions.

    When dieting it is important to completely eliminate the most obvious and common allergens, for example, nuts, tea, coffee, citrus and chocolate. Of course, no spices and smoked.

    When talking about shingles, you first need to start treatment with antiviral medicines. Procrastination is dangerous, what can be damaged nerve endings, leading to the formation of intercostal neuralgia.

    In the treatment of depriving of color participation and antifungal drugs. It can be various ointments, creams, solutions and sprays. Are also solutions of chamomile, salicylic gel and shampoo.

    As for General treatment, each lichen has its own means of external use, which can be antibiotics and antifungal.

    However, it is important to emphasize that any treatment should go hand in hand with prevention, which will help to maintain immunity at a high level and to prevent the penetration of viruses and start lishainik rashes on the skin.