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Ringworm in humans: symptoms, photo, treatment

Modern medicine still cannot answer the question of why some people are susceptible to ringworm of the body, while others are not. For this reason there are many versions and none of them would identify as most appropriate.

According to experts working in the field (dermatologists) the human body more susceptible to developing Jock itch because of the long stressful situations, and also by reducing the protective functions of the immune system.

Despite the fact that in most cases the herpes are the result of the destruction of the body is virus, they may appear because of hereditary predisposition. In the study of this disease and all its variants, it was observed that as a result of allergic reaction caused by the intake of certain medications also may receive the zoster.

At risk of the disease ringworm include people who are often ill with acute respiratory diseases of viral nature that affected the body as a result of prolonged hypothermia. It is believed that in most cases ringworm is found in more Mature age, from 30 to 70 years, and children in Junior and adolescent age rarely affected by this disease.

Etiology (current) lichen is quite varied, it all depends on the individual characteristics of every human body. Some gradual lesions of the skin and other rashes cover from large areas of the body.

There are many varieties of lichen, depending on the form that hit your body, different color of the lesions (from pale pink to red), localization (appearance may affect any part of the body, but in most cases there is a loss of limbs), rash (possible not only flaky but spots and blisters filled with liquid).

As was mentioned earlier, shingles can affect any part of the body, less often the disease affects the skin of the neck, the surface of back, head, and cases of the lesions in the genital area and the mouth very rare. It is known that not all varieties of lichen must be treated, because some of its form pass on their own, without outside interference.

Observed and latent (hidden) form of the course of the disease, people may not notice how ringworm affects his skin, with such etiology (for) disease in most cases do not require special treatment. Still, most often, shingles occurs with such symptoms that it is difficult to ignore the constant itching sensation immediately drew attention to themselves.

So, who is it that is the causative agent of lichen? Most varieties of lichen causemicroscopic fungi that enter the body. At the moment there are quite a lot of varieties of these fungi, which are pathogens of lichen. Among these varieties there are those that can live not only on humans but also animals (zooanthroponosis mushrooms), and in such cases, the probable transmission of disease from animal to human.

Along with this, there are fungi that can not hit the animals and have an impact only on people (Antropogennye mushrooms), and their transmission occurs only through close contact with an infected person.

The third kind of mushrooms is geophilidae mushrooms, they are also able to affect the human body and anthropophilic different transmission method, if the last case is a close contact with the sick person, in this case the fungi enter the body by contact with the ground (in their habitat).

The immune system of most people is at the level at which its protective reaction is sufficient to end the life of the fungus, trapped in the body, that frees people from the development of lichen. In cases when the immune system is weakened for various reasons (prolonged hypothermia, struggle with the disease for a long period, children's age, HIV infection, frequent shifting of stress), there is a rapid multiplication of the fungus in the layers of the skin feeds the fungus-like substance (keratin) that is contained in the stratum corneum of the skin. The severity of symptoms depends not only on the species of fungus afflicting the human body, but also how the body responds to external intervention in their work.

In addition to fungi, lichen pathogens can be viruses. They cause these kinds of as herpes zoster in people of adult age (when injected into a child's body causes chickenpox) and

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The signs of lichen allow it to determine its species, but for accurate diagnosis, you must visit a dermatologist because only he will be able to choose the right treatment.

Pityriasis versicolor (versicolor Gibert) is still not fully understood, the exact cause of currently is still in question, according to some assumptions, the causative agent is a virus.

In most cases, the disease affects girls, especially in spring and autumn, because these seasons our body is weakened by hypothermia, vitamin deficiency and other reasons.

Ringworm (dermatophytosis) caused by fungi (tropitone) which affects the skin, their name was the basis for the second name of the disease itself. Ringwormis considered to be a fungal species of the group of herpes. The fungus that is the causative agent of the disease, are of two types: anthropophilia and zooanthroponosis. Their fundamental differences were already mentioned above.

In most cases, this species of lichen is most often affects children, especially those who go to kindergartens and other preschool institutions. Ringworm infection is due to prolonged close contact with an infected person or when joint use of personal hygiene items (comb), and outerwear (hats).

Microsporia is a fungal another kind of lichen, and there are times when microsporia confused with ringworm. The causative agents of these diseases are different, if Microsporum is a fungus, called Microsporum Kanis (lives in the wool of animals, often cats), different from the fungus that causes ringworm. Most often this disease affects children, because they are in the power of his curiosity constantly have contact with animals not only at home but also outside.

Shingles is a viral species of lichen. Gets its development when injected into the body of the herpes virus. Places of localization are often the intercostal nerves (between the ribs). Chickenpox is one of the varieties of herpes zoster (occurs in children), adult skin striking just shingles.

The development of this disease is due to earlier exposure of the body, decrease functioning of the immune system, in the presence of HIV and in the elderly. Shingles most often affects those people who do not have chickenpox in childhood chickenpox.

Ringworm in humans symptoms

Depending on its variety, the herpes types also have different symptoms.

While ringworm often under defeat gets the scalp. It initially rashes appear in the form of spots with jagged edges, when inflammation appears the itching sensation. In most cases, the rash flakes and covered with crusts of white hair in their place, break off a short distance (1-3 mm) from the scalp (bald spots appear).

The first signs of ringworm after exposure may occur not immediately, but within 5 days.

Ringworm in humans treatment

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When discovering on his body the first signs of development of lichen, you should immediately contact an experienced expert, after allonly he can decide how to treat ringworm in your case in the quickest time possible and with high efficiency. It depends on many factors, for example, manifests itself as shingles, is considered the initial stage of the disease or undiagnosed, and many other factors.

Treatment pink lichen: in some cases, resolves on its own within 2 months, in other situations, you need to take antihistamines (reduce allergic reactions) such as "Zyrtec", "Tavegil".

Treatment of ringworm before you begin treatment, it is necessary to shave off all the hair, then brush the area 3–5% solution of iodine, and before going to bed to lubricate the affected areas of the sulfur-salicylic (tar) ointment.

Treatment of microsporia in most cases similar to the treatment of ringworm.

Treatment for shingles: the main emphasis during the course of treatment is done at the reception of antiviral drugs such as "Acyclovir", "Valacyclovir".

Treatment of tinea versicolor: based on the use of antifungal agents in most cases, topically (gels, creams, solutions) medication "drug zistan" and others.

Treatment of lichen planus: the first thing eliminates itching ("Tavegil", "Zyrtec"), then, is therapy aimed at increasing immunity.