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Ringworm in children. How to treat?

Sooner or later, parents can be faced with the appearance of pink spots of oval shape on the body of their child. Most often these spots are the usual sign of the presence in children of a disease, such as ringworm.

But do not worry, saying to yourself, "why our child", because ringworm is very common disease that affects at least once in life to 90% of children. And no matter how old the child is, it could be ringworm as a child, and deprive the student of high school. For this he was called — the children's ringworm.

If you are still asking yourself the question : ringworm in children how to treat?, you should know the following:

Before talking about the treatment of zoster in children cost little to enter in what kind of disease is this "ringworm". First of all, it should be said that under the definition of "zoster" hides a group of skin diseases, the origin of which is a fungus. Also can trigger zoster in children animals, but that doesn't always mean that they are responsible for the emergence of this disease. It is worth considering this point, in making decisions how to cure ringworm in children. It is also worth mentioning that all types have similar symptoms, but the treatment they require different. In this disease you may experience the following symptoms:

  • At the initial stage of the disease the spots have a pale pink color, and in almost all cases, the skin in these areas is peeling.
  • The appearance of lesions on the abdomen, hips, legs, shoulders, rarely on the hair of the scalp and nails.
  • In rare cases it is possible increase in temperature and increase in the size of lymph nodes.

Parents who first encountered this problem do not worry and sound the alarm. If the disease is recently discovered and has not already started stage, for the treatment of zoster in children will take about 1 to 2 weeks. In any case, you should go to the hospital, and seem to consult your doctor on how to treat ringworm in children. Then the kid will do with staples to the skin with affected areas and determine the type of lichen.

The most common types of lichen, which are found in the child:

Pityriasis rosea in children

Perhaps, this type of depriving less serious. If the parents found out pityriasis rosea in children treatment you can make at home, only you must consult a dermatologist. Because to recognize 100% of pityriasis rosea in children pictures will not help, will only help the testing. It is especially important to apply as soon as possible if discovered zoster in an infant.

This type is often located on the arms, legs, back, abdomen, and rarely on the face. Skinthe affected areas pretty hard to peel off. The lesions are pale pink color. Not to be confused with red mange, you should remember that pityriasis rosea symptoms is a little different from red. These differences lie in the fact that the affected area starts to peel off from the middle to the edges.
Pink ringworm Gibert by their nature are allergic or infectious form. This form is very contagious, so you need to remove a child and terminate at the time of treatment all contact with him.
Treatment pink lichen of children is relatively long, and must be used under the supervision of the attending dermatologist. And remember, purchased the ointment from depriving for children in the pharmacy without a prior prescription can only hurt the baby! Do not risk do not self-medicate.

Pityriasis versicolor in children

If the doctor noticed pale pink spots in the child, without any obvious inflammatory signs, it may indicate so-called pityriasis lichen (or as they say in the vernacular — pityriasis versicolor in children). The treatment of this type is pretty specific, and should be done under the strict supervision of a dermatologist, up until the hospitalization of the child at the time of treatment.
The best allies of this species are moisture and heat. In such conditions most successfully progressing this zoster. Itself exposed to the disease, children with excessive sweating.
If not immediately start treatment, pityriasis versicolor can appear on the face, neck and even on the mind of a child

Herpes zoster in children

If at the first examination, the attending dermatologist will find herpes zoster in children treatment will not be forthcoming. It is understood that this is the most severe form of lichen, which can take years to emerge in serious complications. Fortunately, shingles in children is very rare!

There is not the slightest doubt that the cause of this is virus. This virus can enter the human body when necessary, but can occur in autumn and spring when immune system is weakened. So always make sure your immune system, take vitamins, not SuperCool, try not to get sick.

Often a child may appear fever, chills, severe headache, anywhere on the body to make bubbles filled with liquid accompanied by painful sensations.
If you notice these symptoms in your child, do not delay – call an ambulance immediately and see a doctor or dermatologist. The earlier you start treatment the more chance to cure without consequences.

Lichen planus in children

As a rule,this kind of disease is very rare in children, usually it affects adults and not during prolonged treatment develops into a chronic form, which is difficult to be cured. The red lichen symptoms: in children red spots on body filled with liquid, as a rule, they are very itchy and cause the child a lot of trouble.

To date, no accurate idea how a person gets infected with red mange. In this area doctors, dermatologists divided into several staffs. Some argue that the cause of the infection is of viral origin, the second – allergic origin, and a third believe that this form of the disease associated with neuroscience. And what here to speak in favor of each version has its own scientifically proven facts.
Favorite place red flat zoster in children is the skin of the abdomen and hands, but in very rare case was recorded with lesions in the mucosa of the oral cavity.

Ringworm in children

    • Upon the slightest suspicion of ringworm in children, treatment should begin at the same moment. Of course, to identify ringworm in children pictures will help you, but treatment is still necessary to consult a doctor. Its name ringworm has got from that on the affected areas of the head visible cracks hairline, about 2 cm from the bulb. It looks like sloppy klaptik shaven scalp. The affected lesions are pretty much flakes and itching.
      Ringworm is difficult to confuse with other types of lichen just by the fact that it affects the scalp and nails. Data ringworm often affects children attending kindergartens, schools and other educational institutions, because this form of lichen is easily transmitted through personal contact (particularly with animals, it is called feline herpes), clothes, towels and has a long incubation period. This contributes to massive contamination of ringworm, for even parents are often not aware of the presence of lichen in children.

      Prevention lichen

      • Teach a child from childhood to wash hands with soap and water after each communication and contact with cats and dogs
      • Disinfect all personal hygiene items, as fungal spores can linger on the comb and constantly infect the baby.
      • Strengthen your immune system for the baby. Let's vitamins, do the tempering
      • In the presence of Pets in the house, make it a rule to check for infections at regular intervals.

      The care of children during illness

      • For the baby choose the night, as sunlight, in particular the radiated heat contributes to active growth of fungal infection.
      • Followchild. Don't let him brush plaque. Otherwise it will lead to the rapid spread of the fungus throughout the body.
      • Use only things made of cotton fabric, as synthetics create a greenhouse effect that promotes the growth of infection
      • Watch out for the baby, so he had no contact with other children.

      Follow the simple rules of hygiene

      • Several times a day with disinfectant wash floor and wipe the furniture.
      • At the time of treatment, you should remove all the carpets out to dispute no place to stop
      • After every game wipe or wash toys.
      • Boil and ironed and wash baby stuff separate from other things.
        Change the child's clothing as often as possible, especially those things that are in contact with the centers.
      • Don't bathe the baby in the bathroom. Plaque it is better to rewind with a bandage or cloth and baby wash with a sponge. Thus it is possible to avoid the spread of spores throughout the body