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Is it possible to wet the skin with different types of depriving a person

Shingles (or herpes) is a fairly common disease of the skin, the main element of which are rash and inflammatory spots. Rash and spots do not develop into inflammation, but can deliver a lot of inconvenience. The disease is caused by different types of fungi and viruses. Is transmitted by airborne droplets from person to person and by contact with sick animals.

Herpes is manifested by a rash in people with low immunity: kids and adults, recently hard to recover from. The disease can be cured within a few months, depending on age peculiarities of the human body and the degree of neglect of the disease itself. Used for the treatment of various ointments, powders and lotions, but often there is the question of whether to wash or soak the affected ringworm parts of the body.

Is it possible to wet skin in shingles

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Pityriasis versicolor is a chronic disease caused by a fungal infection that develops in the Horny layer of the skin. People call it "sun fungus" because rashes like freckles, only over the body, even in those areas where the sun's rays could hardly penetrate. On the body ringworm most often appears on the back, chest, neck, shoulders and armpits.

In addition to the rash is dark brown it may cause itching and increase of sweating. The disease occurs by ingestion of ultraviolet radiation on human skin against the background of various endocrine disorders, chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and a weak immune system.

In pityriasis herpes is strictly forbidden to bathe, even to slightly wet the affected areas, as in warm water the fungus begins to grow rapidly and migrate to other parts of the body. Wash the body it is impossible in any case, but the affected areas can be cleaned with a cotton pad abundantly dampened with an antibacterial agent. It cannot completely cure a person, but to prevent the development and reproduction of the fungus possible.

Swimming in the sea (river) with lichen Gibert

    • How often to bathe with shingles?

      Ringworm has several types that are caused by various fungal and viral infections. Occurs most often on the background of the recently transferred diseases in severe form, that is, when the body is weakened and unable to resist. Herpes may itch and other complications which can cause some problems with the senses.

      Best herpes carry air and water, so to wash when Stripping is impossible, though it depends on the type of lichen. So, when encircling and ringworm to wash the body is not desirable, but if there is an urgent need, then it should be done verycautiously, avoiding getting water on the infected areas. With colorful lichen body wash is strictly forbidden, even healthy parts of the body. Except that the hands and face if they are not infected. Same with pink shingles, you can wash everything, even the infected areas, but very carefully, not pushing on them and not subjecting them to friction.

      Is it possible to go to the sea or river with lichen? Can I sunbathe?

      Sea water kills the fungus and promotes rapid healing of wounds, but it also spreads the fungus and infection throughout the body. The fungus causing ringworm, when injected into sea water is not destroyed, therefore there is a high probability of hitting it on the body of another person.

      Fresh water in rivers and lakes) is no different from the water in the shower, so it moves well the fungus to healthy parts of the body and infects them. Therefore, bathe or wash the body in the sea or fresh water is not desirable.

      Fungus likes dry and warm place, although quiet lives for a while in the water. Direct sunlight provide an excellent ground for the development of the fungus and infection on the human body, so sunbathing is not recommended.

      If also pink lichen does not help the medicine (if not itchy), so to wash, bathe and to sunbathe it is possible, but the main thing again to not get sick.

      However, everyone's body is different so you should consult with your doctor about washing, bathing and sunbathing on the beach.