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Is it possible to bathe with shingles: when to swim with pink and shingles

Ringworm is a skin disease manifested by the appearance of multiple inflammatory skin lesions that cause discomfort. The skin in areas of scaly inflammation and itching.

The most common types of lichen have an infectious origin, so many people worried about whether when Stripping to take a bath or shower and does not swim further spread of the disease.

To provide an accurate answer to these questions can only a doctor who treats the patient, observing the process of development of the disease and condition of the body, and a view of depriving. It is important to emphasize that the subject is of interest primarily to parents who are thinking whether it is possible to bathe the child, if his skin has a specific rash. In this respect it is useful to know, Now medicine has not said its opinion so categorically. Many doctors admit taking a shower in the process of treatment of the disease. But you need to remember about certain limitations.

For example, you can swim only if the patient has a normal temperature. In this form of lichen is not recommended to take a bath, you need to restrict shower. The patient can use his usual tools: shampoo, shower gel etc. the Body is forbidden to RUB in the rash places with the help of sponges or towels. Access to the pool, bath or sauna is extremely dangerous for the patient's shingles.

When the disease, the patient should use only a washcloth and a towel. Bulk soap is to replace the gel or liquid soap. While bathing, take care not to damage the bubbles formed, it could trigger the appearance of secondary infections. Of course, everyone is interested in the question, the Disease occurs long enough so ill before there is an issue of personal hygiene.It is especially important to know what if pityriasis rosea or ringworm Gibert is a disease characterized by a rash of pink. The doctors still could not determine the causative agent of this lichen, to identify the causes of occurrence also was not possible.

In their practice dermatologists say that contact with water has no significant effect on the course of the disease. Even more: cool shower lowers the degree of intensity of the itching, soothing the skin. Therefore, when pink lichen water treatments are also permitted. Hot baths, however, is not recommended, as well as the pools, saunas and baths.

To water treatments did not bring harm, patients observe a few simple rules:

  • So, first and foremost, the bath should be replaced with a shower.
  • When washing use conventional cosmetics, but is best suited hypoallergenicoptions.
  • Hard sponges are not recommended as body scrubs.
  • For wiping will only fit soft towels, which you need to blot the skin.
  • A healing ointment that has appointed doctor should be applied on the damaged skin after a shower.

Many patients do not know whether it is possible for diseases to visit the beach and swim in the sea. It just depends on the individual characteristics of the human body and the nature of his illness. It is still interesting to know the description, causes and methods of transmission of pink lichen to understand, whether it's to go out in public.

For example, when strigosum and shingles can sunbathe and swim in the sea, especially during the acute phase of the inflammatory process. When lichen Gibert swimming in the sea sometimes gives a positive result, but some people experience skin irritation after bathing.

A multi-colored deprive patients experiencing worsening of the disease after contact with direct sunlight. Patients need to refrain from visiting the beaches.

Individual characteristics of the patient is critical in the appointment of any therapeutic procedures. If any patients scheduled water treatments, it is best to discuss this with a dermatologist.

An experienced physician who monitors the development of the disease, will be able to provide the full range of recommendations related to tempering and hygiene procedures in each specific situation.