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Pityriasis rosea: zarazne for adults and children, or not ?

In the spring of the year, the human body is weakened, so some people have noted the appearance on the skin scaly pink spots, which are known as ringworm or pink ringworm Gibert.

After the detection of the disease, the person is usually interested in how contagious this disease is, whether it is transmitted through everyday contact, and how to protect their loved ones, primarily from infection pink deprive.

Causes of pink lichen

Pityriasis versicolor is an infectious-allergic disease that appears only against the background of reduced immunity of a person.

So, this lichen appears after winter, when the body does not get the whole set of necessary vegetables and fruits; either because of the disease are:

  • long cold
  • infection
  • as well as exacerbation of chronic diseases,

that is, any problem that leads to decreased immunity. In this respect, the question naturally arises, Most doctors are inclined to the theory that the causative agent of pink lichen is the virus of unknown origin and type.

The other group of doctors believe that the culprit of the appearance of pink lichen stands streptococcal infection. However, neither the first nor the second theory has not been proved in clinical trials pink lichen.

Another component of disease acts as an Allergy to the causative agent. These diseases are infectious-allergic.

Not the last role in the emergence of pink lichen is the state of man's blood vessels. After the autumn and winter months of vitamin C and other vitamins, blood vessel walls somewhat thinner, becoming permeable, liquid part of the blood may escape into the surrounding tissue, causing swelling.

In the end the number of rashes can grow and spread to the entire surface of the body.

Can you get pink ringworm?

The disease appears as an unremarkable infection, i.e. fever, weakness, malaise, enlarged lymph nodes.

Then on a body there are multiple spots or just one spot start to grow. The center of the spot is characterized by a folded structure, around which is formed a pink inflammatory halo, in the centre of the eventually starts flaking.

Around the mother, that is, the primary spots and small spots. Generally, the amount of the rash on the body indicates the degree of severity of the disease. On our website there is a detailed article — the pathogen can be transported from one person to another through personal hygiene items or just using the items that contact the carrier of the disease.

Sometimes there are cases when pink deprive ill the whole family. This happensbecause there is a defect in immunity, which is associated with either hereditary features or a single unhealthy lifestyle and poor nutrition.

Effectively self-immunity strengthening and what determines its state

The main level of immunity is the food. Immune cells, like all cells, in principle, in the human body consist of proteins. To perform biochemical reactions, cells need carbs as an energy source, and fats, which are essential in all biochemical processes. You will also need minerals and vitamins. If there is a shortage of enzymes, the rate of all metabolic operations begins to decline, which causes a General decline of immunity.

The shortage of necessary substances in the human diet in winter and spring leads to outbreaks of pink lichen. In this case, you should immediately review their food, improving and balancing it.

The diet must be present dairy products, fish, lean meats. Not recommended lack of carbohydrates, because it is a source of energy for humans.

We are talking primarily about complex carbohydrates which are in vegetables, fruits and grains. In the food you make various salads of fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as vinaigrettes.

Simple carbohydrates – sweet drinks, muffins and desserts should not be consumed in the treatment process, because such food provokes Allergy.

To metabolism proceeded properly and fully, the body requires fats. Most fat people gets together for food of animal origin – meat, fish, dairy products. There is often a shortage of vegetable oils is olive, sunflower and linseed oil.

The functioning of the immune system is very dependent on the person's lifestyle. Protective functions of the body are significantly stronger frequent walks in the fresh air.

Ideal if this person would do the exercise or you can just go pawn. It's everyone decides for himself, considering his age and state of health.

To strengthen the immune system in the winter time you can run walks outside the city with skis and sledges. Now in large cities, you can also find places for such active walks. Useful facts and look like other types of lichen, in this respect, the suitable material is Tinea versicolor: pictures on our website.

Pityriasis rosea in General is a problem passive people who have a weakened immune system. It is necessary to strengthen and the problem of pink lichen does not arise.