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Scabies: treatment, symptoms, photos

Scabies is a skin disease that is caused by cessationism mite. Seemingly how do you get scabies? It is very simple. In fact, scabies is contagious and can be transmitted from person to person when hands, through bedding and clothes through various items. There is an opinion that scabies is transmitted from animals, but actually it is not confirmed. The disease is accompanied by pruritus, chesotocnami moves, scratching.
The main symptom of scabies is itching, which is most often seen at night. And also noticed a rash with scabies. This files most often as a rash on the legs and a rash on the palms, more rarely on the body. This is due to the fact that in most cases people get infected through handshakes and touch.
Manifestation scabies happens as children and adults. The causative agent of scabies is the itch mite. By itself, the tick has a small size and virtually invisible to the naked eye.
Length of female scabies is 190-400 µm, which is quite low. This individual lives within 1 month. During its short life, the females do under the stratum corneum of the epidermis moves, thus 2-3 eggs per day.
The incubation period of scabies lasts 2 weeks and after 14 days the larvae turn into adults that also begin to lay larvae.

Scabies first signs

The manifestation of scabies is not a certain precise time period. All depends on the stage of infection and age of individuals that were infected. If the adult itch mite, then after a few hours can manifest the rash. In other cases, it may be a hidden infection, then the first signs will need 10-12 days – so much is the incubation period of scabies.
The rash of scabies is often confused with the quite popular disease – scrapie. The main thing is to diagnose the disease and to appoint treatment.

Scabies symptoms

The most pronounced symptoms of scabies it is possible to enumerate on fingers. Among them, worth noting:
Itching of the skin, which increases at night. This is due to the highest activity of females of the tick, which falls exactly on the night.
The presence of itch moves that are visible to the naked eye.
Polymorphism (appearance of papules and vesicles coated with hemorrhagic crusts, erosions, vesicles, excoriations).
Frequently infected favorite places. (the abdomen, interdigital folds, the elbow joint, side of the torso, thighs, buttocks, the female Breasts, the male genitals).
The presence of the body red spots that itch forever, and the presence of meandering linesa dirty-gray color (the itch moves).

Important! After full cure of scabies, the person does not acquire immunity from her. Be sure to disinfect the room and personal belongings. It is also worth considering all recommendations of the doctor about personal hygiene. All you need to do to avoid re-infestation with mites. People who ignore the advice of a doctor, you can get sick for several years, painfully struggling with the disease.

It is also worth noting that the itching may be from not only scabies, so to get the real diagnosis is recommended to go to the doctor and get tested for scabies, thereby verify its presence or absence. Because the disease scabies should be treated under doctor's supervision, and comprehensively, perhaps even in family or company with whom the patient spent most time, in order to prevent reproduction.

Scabies manifestation and frequent location

Usually scabies on legs, arms, face, head, groin including the penis. And, most interestingly, it reproduces very quickly, because if the people in the first place appeared scabies on the hand by scratching, touching of various body parts, the larvae of the tick happy to occupy new locations. Next is the matter of clothes – wearing, reviled, withdrew, and again seated larvae and healthy individuals in the body.
That is why at the first symptoms, and any symptoms that have been described above, should promptly seek medical and bedding and clothing disinfected. And follow all the recommendations of a physician.

Scabies treatment

In our time scientists have found an effective remedy for scabies, even a whole set of drugs, ointments, and various fast-acting drugs that help to get rid of scabies and scabies in the shortest possible time, up to several days. The cure for scabies helps to get rid of as most of the problems, and unpleasant symptoms that appear in the course of the disease.

Primarily engaged in the treatment of dermatologist. The goal of treatment is to destroy the causative agent of the disease – scabies.

It is no secret that doctors developed a whole scheme for the treatment of scabies, which are aimed at specific actions that should be applied at certain stages of the disease, and forms of gravity.

If the mange is in the early stages and the number of foci of the disease, little or not at all isolated, the doctor to immediately begin treatment in order to exclude re-infection.
If many foci, there shall be certain products, which must be thoroughly rubbed into the skin at the site of the affected foci. In these cases, the exceptions are the neck, faceand the hairy area of the head.

IMPORTANT! Treatment it is best to start in the evening, when manifested the greatest activity of the tick.

How to treat scabies: an effective means for the treatment of scabies

Let's consider the most effective means of scabies
The sulphur ointment. Apply sulfur ointment to affected area of the skin, in accordance with the instructions.

Prevention of scabies

    • You first need to identify the focus of infection and rapidly begin treatment. You should also boil all the clothes and bedding of the patient. Itch mites are killed at temperatures above 60 degrees. Therefore, we should boil things in for 5-10 minutes after boiling. Further things should be dried and carefully ironed with an iron on both sides, including pockets and other tight places.
      If it's items that can not be boiled, for example, children's toys, various items which do not contact with water, you should put them in a plastic bag and close tightly for 3-4 days.
      It is necessary to do wet cleaning of the entire premises, including wiping all kinds of surfaces 1-2% soda and soap solution.
      It should also be disinfected with aerosol A-PAIRS (A-PAR). Sold in bottles of 200 ml Content of the bottle should spray on all surfaces which contact the patient, including items not subject to boiling (toys, pillows, mattresses, etc.). The product does not leave stains on the fabric disappears after you apply it do not have to wash clothes and textiles can be put in a few hours. Spraying is carried out in a well enough ventilated area, to avoid lesions of the mucous membranes and respiratory tract.

      Scabies in children

      Signs of scabies in children does not differ from the signs in adults. Therefore, every mother faced at least once with the disease know how to identify scabies in infants and beyond. In most cases, is the treatment of scabies at home.

      A few tips for parents
      Treatment should be done in the evening, before bedtime, as this time falls the greatest activity of the tick. Everything is easier for the baby to sleep, and the drug will work all night.
      Babies is to swaddle or put on hand gloves, in order that they are not brought into the mouth, applied to the skin the drug, or not rubbed my eyes. If protivozachatocnuu means still got on the mucous membranes or the respiratory tract should be carefully washed in running water, and if possible, see a doctor.
      Since children are more susceptible to scabies, you need to treat the whole family to prevent a recurrencedisease. This is done even in cases when other family members showed no symptoms. A sick child needs to allocate a separate towel, dishes. Bed linen and change clothes every day. Shot linen should be thoroughly boiled and ironed with a hot iron on both sides. In the room the patient must do daily wet cleaning.

      Adhering to all these rules, you can get rid of scabies in children and not only for short terms, usually this period does not exceed 1 week. In most cases, itching disappears the next day after the start of treatment, but there is another side of the coin – itching, which lasts for another 2 weeks in a row after treatment. In this case, observe the patient, and if body is not shown new lesions – this is called the itching after chesotocnami. He usually passes by itself, as it is the result of an allergic reaction to the drugs.

      Scabies during pregnancy

      Scabies in pregnant women is gaining special attention and it is imperative to consult a doctor. As many drugs are contraindicated for pregnant or their use must be under strict control of the attending physician, as some drugs can harm a future fetus.
      After examination and tests the doctor prescribes treatment. In some cases, outpatient treatment.

      Scabies photos

      Offer to your attention a few photos of scabies, in order that you could determine it. Carefully observe rules of hygiene, and seek the advice of your doctor.