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Birthmark. What you need to know and how to treat

Birthmarks on the skin. Birthmark is almost everyone. As a rule, we can see a birthmark on the body in newborns. Someone they are great, someone very small, some dark, others bright. Each person they come in different shapes, colors and sizes. Some know about their existence, some do not even know. However, spots on the skin create some discomfort.
Argued that stains light colored bring more happiness than dark. The larger the spot, the more it has influence. Round – a great sign. The hair on the birthmark unfortunately.

But this is just someone's unsubstantiated opinion. So let's look at what really is the birthmark.

What is a birthmark?

A birthmark is a skin marking, which in its essence is congenital or appears in early life. Just distinguish the 2 main types of birthmarks: vascular and normal.

Usual birthmark brownish color, ranging from very light to nearly black, and mostly has a smooth surface. A birthmark of this type is flat or protrudes above the level of the skin, often covered with hair. Many people have one or more birthmarks, which are completely harmless. But there are malignant spots on the skin that can transform into a melanoma. These spots differ according to the following criteria: they are flat, they don't grow hair and they usually have a bright color. If birthmarks in newborns are on the palms of the hands or feet, then they should remove immediately, because these parts of the body most often exposed to physical impact and mechanical damage. That immediately can lead to melanoma.

Normal birthmarks do not require treatment and removal, if these areas are not in places of constant irritation, such as under the collar or around the waist and other places who daily rubbing against clothing. These birthmarks should be removed. Still need to remove those birthmarks that crack to increase in size or bleed. It is also desirable to remove a birthmark on the face, as it is constantly exposed to solar radiation and brings cosmetic discomfort.

Vascular birthmarks – benign tumor, its structure consists of clusters of very small blood vessels. This is particularly evident under the microscope. Color they look like strawberry and portway color. Bright red spots (strawberry) protrude slightly above the surface, dark red spots (Portfelnye), usually flat. Vascular birthmark melanoma to grow notalthough unable and do not require treatment, but they are trying to remove in order to look beautiful, especially if the stain is on the face. As an option, yet there is a method taboo of vascular birthmarks. Many people believe in a particular

Birthmark newborn

Immediately after birth or within 1 to 2 months after birth the child may appear birthmarks, which stays with him for life.

If body present your child's birthmark is pink, red or bluish color, besides, there is a slight bulge, you should report it to the dermatologist. Birthmarks of this type is called vascular nevi, they can be dangerous for the health of the child.

In nature there are currently 3 types of vascular naevus:

Some children increases the risk to be born with a birthmark?

    • Hemangiomas are in most cases:

      • Within three years 30%.
      • For seven years 70%.
      • To 9 years the hemangioma disappears without a trace.

      And remember, natural tan sun only enhances the pigmentation birthmarks, and does not hide them! So be careful in the sun and cover your birthmark from contact with UV rays.