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Inguinal lump: removal is necessary

A lump in the groin, scientific, lipoma is quite common. It looks like a small lump under the skin. This tumor usually does not hurt but causes some discomfort, since there is constant contact with linen and clothing.


The most effective methods include the following methods of removal of inguinal Wens:

  • Neoplasm removal using carbon dioxide laser allows to get rid of the lump without blood and pain. Has a point impact on the lump without damaging the surrounding tissue. This procedure leaves no scars, burn scars, and the recovery process is significantly reduced.
  • Radiowave surgery. This method is applied for removing small white bumps.
  • Liposuction, when using the contents of the tumor is evacuated with the help of lipoaspirate. Not a very productive method, as there is no control for the complete removal of the contents lipanoi capsules and the potential risk of recurrence. Usually this method is recommended for Wens are small in size.
  • The traditional surgical method in which a large incision is made through which the lipoma is removed together with the capsule.

The proposed methods eliminate the re-formation of the lipoma in this localization.


The removal of small lipomas performed under local anesthesia, at the time, as the treatment of large tumors requires the premises to a hospital for a couple of days of surgery under General anesthesia.