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Ftiras - treatment, photos

Ftiras or pubic lice, is a disease of the skin that is caused by parasites, in this case crabs.

Among the causes of the infection is dominated by transmission during sexual contact from an infected person. However, in addition to sexual intercourse, infection phthiriasis is happening at the household level, when using a shared clothing, shared bedding. In principle, we cannot say that pubic lice can cause epidemics, but one carrier can infect not only your sexual partner.

We can note an interesting pattern:

  • If the infection occurs through everyday life, that pubic lice spread pubic hair, perineum, around the anus.
  • In the household way of infection, the louse settles in the armpits, on the chest sometimes on the head.

Important! If untreated, destroys the parasite, pubic lice will not remain on their initial settlement, and eventually will spread throughout the body.

Symptoms of phthiriasis and error treatment

First and foremost, speaking about the symptoms, referred to severe itching. The reason for the bites of lice, but how strong is the itch depends on how reacts to the bites, the responsibility of the patient.

At the first suspicion of infection of pubic lice it is necessary to consult a dermatologist, and the problem here is that the symptoms of the bite lice are incredibly similar to

Again, the treatment of the abscess is not in any way contribute to getting rid of the pubic lice themselves.

Diagnostics ftiras does not cause difficulties to the doctor, just visual inspection, which will be discovered pubic lice. However, it is possible to recommend to do more surveys on sexually transmitted diseases. Often with a louse can "get a gift" and some of the disease.


Today, the treatment of phthiriasis is not difficult absolutely, pharmacology has put on the market a great many preparations in the form of sprays, ointments, emulsions, shampoos, and all of them perform one function –

As for folk remedies treatment, alternative medicine offers the use of dichlorvos, cranberry juice, turpentine. All these tools are applied to the skin where lice are found.

It should immediately be noted that the use of these funds can be burns on the skin, so using them should come very, very carefully.


Problem phthiriasis that bites parasites through the open gate in the skin in the body can begin to penetrate the infection. This same problem occurs with excessive scratching from the unbearable itching.

Therefore, as soon as there is a simple pyoderma, the so-called pustulardiseases of the skin, you must immediately start treatment attached diseases.

In General, the main cause of all complications in the most banal disregard simple tips and recommendations. Launched pyoderma leads to a full carbuncles, abscesses and blood poisoning, and against the backdrop of simply ignoring the initial manifestations.

Now a few words to say about the prevention of disease. first, the exception of casual sex, and using someone else's bedding or clothes with linen.

After each suspicious bodily contact needed to take a shower with lye soap, which is extremely harmful to crabs.