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Genital herpes: symptoms, origin, ways of transmission

Genital herpes is one of the most common diseases and venereal character. However, herpes does not cause infertility to fatal outcomes, it does not disrupt the operation of the internal organs.

However, all this is not to say that genital herpes can simply be ignored. The disease brings a lot of problems, and here talk about the social and psychological aspects.

Transmission of herpes

Statistics show that genital herpes is diagnosed up to 10% of all young people up to 15 years, and more than 70% of men older than 50 years. Various manifestations of herpes do not fit under one generic description, but is ideal under the localization where the herpes is dormant in a latent state.

There are two main ways of transmission of herpes (read more in the article Even when our body is completely overcome the virus in the cells of the genital organs, the virions of herpes remains in the nerve cells. Therefore, once the human immune system is weakening from the nerve cells immediately allocated virions and the process repeats itself. And, remarkably, on the location of the skin rash, you can determine exactly how the infection entered the body through what type of sex certainly. For this reason, finding virions in the nerve cells, genital herpes is characterized not so much by doctors as a virus, as the infection that affects certain areas of the nervous system.

Risk group

Impossible with a full informative to say exactly who falls into a risk group with 100% certainty. However, it is possible statistically to identify some patterns:

  1. Almost half of gay men sick with genital herpes.
  2. The representatives of the African-Americans have antibodies to the virus are detected more often.
  3. At-risk women, who statistically are infected with genital herpes much more often and easier than men.
  4. People with another sexually transmitted disease.

Here we should note that with age people become more disposed to the disease herpes. Risk group is persons lead hectic private life.


Usually, symptoms of genital herpes is always tied to the stages of its development.

At the first stage in a place where there will be a rash you can feel sensations of pain, burning itching. Observed in rare cases swelling. Common symptoms in first stage include the emergence of persistent pain in the perineum and scrotum in men. Pain syndrome can spread to upper thighs. After a long sleep or being in a sitting position on a chair in the pelvis you can feel the numbness. Common symptom is the feverbody.

With temperature beginning to have bouts of General malaise and weakness throughout the body. This is a rare manifestation, and it is often confused with other diseases without regard for the fact that it can be a sign of the growth of herpes in the body.

The second stage is always responsible for the appearance of a skin rash particular kind. The rash first presents with redness, then small bubbles filled with liquid. The rash is always painful and causes a lot of inconvenience.

Rashes occur on the external genitals, pubis, cervix, urethra, inner thighs, anus.

At the next stage, the bubbles burst and in their place is formed erosion. The formation of the ulcers may go to one day.

The fourth stage is characterized by the beginning of the regeneration of the skin under the crust that covers the place of formation of ulcers.

After the exacerbation of the skin remains visible manifestations of herpes, and he's leaving again in a latent state until the next low immunity.