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Gonococci in the smear

There are plenty of diseases that are transmitted through sexual relations, the so-called sexually transmitted diseases, abbreviated " STD. And among the variety always stands out gonorrhea or as they call it disease – gonorrhea.

The disease is transmitted by unprotected sexual intercourse, primarily during vaginal or anal sex. However, there is a risk of transmission oral sex. It is important to understand that the only effective contraception in this case is a barrier, i.e. a condom. Other types of contraception do not protect the partner.

There are also cases of transmission of gonorrhea from mother to child during passage through the birth canal. This method of infection is called vertical.

Important! In the domestic environment, gonorrhoea is almost not transmitted, gonococcus are very poorly adapts to environmental conditions.

Diagnosis of the disease

In principle, none of the symptoms are clearly not indicated for gonorrhea, but they do talk about sexually transmitted disease infection. So, if you have at least one symptom, it is recommended to go to the doctor and PAP for gonorrhea.

How does a swab

Smear for gonococcus is possible to take as women and men, so the technique of sampling of biological material is different.

In women PAP smear for gonococcus is taken by a gynecologist from vaginal mucosa. Moreover, a swab can be taken from the walls of the cervical and urinary tract. After the biological material is obtained, a certain amount is applied to the special glass, and then sent to a laboratory. In the laboratory the smear is examined under a microscope. Note that DAB is not for rent during the menstrual cycle, as during this period the results are not correct and uninformative.

As for the smear on

At bacterioscopic analysis of the smear on the glass is colored in a special solution. Most often for these purposes, 1% solutions of methylene blue or blue littlerascal. Coloring the ability to quickly distinguish gonococci in the smear. However, all cocci are painted. And the decisive conclusion here is a painting by the method of Gram. Gonococci in this method, under the influence of alcohol discolored.

Bacteriological method of investigation for Neisseria gonorrhoeae with a simple development environment. If it gonococci begin to actively proliferate, so the test can be considered positive.

Smear always stands in two directions: positive – when the presence of the gonococcus, and negative.