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Thrush during pregnancy: the symptoms and factors of development and prevention

Thrush or candidiasis is an infectious condition in which the fungus Candida begins excessive multiplication of the vagina or on the penis. In General, a yeast infection can be localized not only on the genitals, but that is where it is most common and causes the maximum inconvenience.

Today let's talk about how a yeast infection develops during pregnancy, and what dangers it can pose as a pregnant mother and child.

Thrush is not a joke

During pregnancy a woman's body is changing, which is why many of the problems with which he handles quite easily in everyday life can present complications.

Important! Despite the fact that a yeast infection during pregnancy does not pose a risk either child or mother, studies show that the infection still remains quite negative, which is necessary to get rid of.

As for the major manifestations of candidiasis during pregnancy, they are no different from what happens normally:

  • Itching and burning, and they occur can incredibly unbearable form.
  • Cheesy discharge a white color, and are always characterized by a certain sour smell.

However, you need to understand that during pregnancy these symptoms can indicate not only the candidiasis, they can apply to a number of other infections so no detailed analysis is not necessary.

Thus a yeast infection during pregnancy interesting not so much symptoms as causes that cause it during carrying a child

The factors in the development of candidiasis


Of the doctors believes that there is a direct relationship between the occurrence of thrush and excessive enthusiasm of sweet foods with high sugar content. This is easily explained, because for any fungus sweet environment is the ideal place for breeding.

An important point is the change in the female body that occur during pregnancy. We wrote about this above, but we emphasize that there is not simply a drop in immunity, and the change of the vaginal microflora. During this period, rapidly increases the production of female hormones, and this is another perfect factor for the growth of fungus.

Theoretically, the risk of a yeast infection attributed by infection through sexual intercourse, but it is only 20% of the total number of registered cases of candidiasis during pregnancy.

Some specialists are inclined to believe that the cause of the disease appears intensification of fungus in the intestines and stomach. And that pregnancy often stool test can detect Candida.

Prevention and treatment of thrush

It is possible to allocatesix basic rules of prevention, which can help to prevent reproduction of the fungus during pregnancy:

  1. If thrush were before pregnancy, you can try to schedule the conception of a child after the treatment of candidiasis.
  2. Strict adherence to all the advice and recommendations of a gynecologist, plus checkups and early detection of any infection. This approach will ensure practical exclusion of the risk of relapse.
  3. A proper, balanced diet will eliminate the shortage of vitamins and microelements that has an impact on the prevention of thrush.
  4. If the sexual partner is a manifestation of yeast infection, then sex is possible only with the use of a condom.
  5. No uncontrolled medication! Any medicines can only be taken on prescription.
  6. Special attention should be paid to underwear, which during pregnancy should be spacious, and cotton.

With regard to treatment during pregnancy candidiasis is treated strictly according to the advice of a doctor and only medications that have been prescribed.

The treatment only drugs local action, such as creams and ointments. Sometimes it can be oral drugs.