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Non-specific urethritis in men and women

Urethritis – inflammation of the urethra. The disease can be divided into two types, and if the first, specific, is caused by different bacteria and microorganisms and herpes and relates to the problem venereology, the second type – non-specific – much more interesting, little-known and almost mysterious.

Unusual disease

Nonspecific urethritis is also relevant to the problem of inflammation in the urethra, in the urethra. However, the reasons for its development are in no way connected with such microorganisms as chlamydia, numerous cocci or herpes virus. Does not cause non-specific urethritis and Trichomonas with Ureaplasma or Mycoplasma. In other words, in the formation of non-specific urethritis participating quite other microorganisms and the disease is not sexually transmitted, although often associated with it and mistakenly considered.

Despite the fact that the disease is not related to sexually transmitted, it is examined in the section that is venereology. As we have said, is one of the most mysterious and maloizuchennykh, used PCR method and other methods that are designed to exclude infection. We note again that the diagnosis alternately excluded problems that can be caused by chlamydia, Trichomonas, Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma as a rule, treatment of non-specific urethritis is reduced to the prescription of antibiotics that is able to cope with pathogens identified at sowing or during other methods of diagnosis.

If used together with non-specific urethritis in a patient men have signs of inflammation of the prostate gland that is concomitant therapy.

It should be noted that given the little knowledge nonspecific urethritis, often the use of antibiotics does not bring the desired effect.