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Inguinal granuloma in men and women photo

Inguinal granuloma, or otherwise donovans is a venereal disease, they are caused by the so-called Taurus Donovan, after whom the disease takes its name.

The causative agent of granuloma can live and reproduce only in the hot and humid climate, so common in the tropics and on the equator. An example of natural foci of granulomas can serve as countries such as Vietnam, Laos, India. Given the strong tourist flow to South-East Asia, the disease has become quite frequent in countries with a temperate climate.

Of course all these cases are imported, and after a visit to the southern countries, especially given the presence there during the rest of unprotected sex, it is necessary to pass the examination at venereologist, even if there are no obvious signs of any physiological changes.

Ways of infection

Infection in the majority of cases occurs during unprotected sexual contact.

Household method is only possible with complete disregard for rules of personal hygiene and the presence of open wounds on the mucous membranes, and of getting infection.


The incubation period for this disease can reach 30 days. After its expiration, the site of introduction of infection, a small

  • Necrotizing form is the most severe of all. Occurs mainly in the long course of the disease and enters the ulcer outside infection. Is characterized by abundant secretions dark brown. There is purulent disintegration of the tissues, and the ulcer increases very quickly in size. The infection spreads throughout the body, affecting bones and muscles. The lesions start to occur in different places: the middle ear, internal organs, bones. As a result of illness in women are completely destroyed, the vulva and the anus. Men have completely destroyed the penis. If this form of inguinal granuloma is not treated, it's likely fatal.
  • Ulcerative form is the most common form donovanosis in which ulcers can be multiple and single.
  • Sclerotinia form leads to a narrowing of the urethra, the vagina and orifice of the anus. In women, this form of the disease may lead to irreversible changes of the anatomical structure of the genital organs.
  • The mixed form is characterized by the presence of symptoms of all the above forms of inguinal granuloma.


For accurate diagnosis, in addition to the examination of venereal diseases, must carry out laboratory examination of the contents of ulcers. To this end, we take a swab.

Important! In parallel with donovanosis, the patient can develop other sexually transmitted infectionsget easier access into the human body through the sores. If associated infections are present, they must identify and assign the appropriate treatment.


Mandatory antibiotics, such as Gentamicin, Tetracycline, Levomycetin. But we should remember that these drugs are not suitable for the treatment of pregnant women, so pregnant prescribed erythromycin.

Inguinal granuloma, weakens the immune system, so doctor may prescribe a vitamin complex. Themselves ulcers are lubricated with a solution of hydrogen peroxide, and underwear and bed linen should be changed. Used bedding should be mandatory to boil, followed by Ironing iron.

If donovans were promptly discovered and treated, we can hope for a favorable outcome without complications.