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If trichomoniasis is transmitted sexually and through everyday life

Trichomoniasis or trichomoniasis, as it is more commonly called, is an infectious disease, the cause of which are Trichomonas, bacteria, intruding and affecting the mucosa of the urethra and vagina.

It is worth noting that the disease is one of the most common in the world among all STI related problems, sexually transmitted diseases. Penetrating into the organism Trichomonas cause inflammatory processes that lead to such diseases as:

  • Vaginitis, there is inflammation of the vaginal mucosa.
  • Urethritis, inflammation of the urethra.
  • Cystitis, a painful bladder inflammation.

In addition, Trichomonas in the body, as a rule, not alone, but coexist with other pathogens, such as chlamydia, Mycoplasma, yeast and fungi. During the illness recalls trichomoniasis bacterial infection. Trichomoniasis can also be transmitted and household by using underwear.

The disease

The incubation period of the disease, and it is from 2 to 4 weeks, trichomoniasis is starting to show the first signs of its presence.

The process of inflammation when the disease may be acute, sharp form, which will characteristic heavy discharge, pain is pronounced. At the same time, if you do not start timely treatment, trichomoniasis go into a form of chronic.

However, it is Not excluded the appearance of a burning sensation when emptying the bladder. The pain can present during intimacy. However, during inflammation pain can affect not only the genitals, but the pain in the lumbar region, the abdomen.

In most cases, the walls of the vagina and uterus are not subject to change, however, is complicated by the inflammatory process can be diagnosed and swelling of the labia.

It should be noted that all the symptoms clearly depend on where exactly is the localization of the microorganism Trichomonas.

For example, if the damaged urethra and bladder, then the symptoms will always be present increased frequency of urination and pain when urinating, and in the localization of the vagina — itching, burning, lower abdominal pain, vaginal discharge.

Fortunately, Trichomonas rarely striking the internal organs, as the circular compression of the cervix does not pass microorganisms on, but in cases of menstruation, abortion, childbirth, this boundary is removed, and Trichomonas can spread further.

Symptoms in men

In men, the symptoms are very inconspicuous or absent, though this is not to say that inflammatory process.

Even in the absence of symptoms, it is possible to understandthe Trichomonas has entered the body. For example, they can cause prostatitis, an inflammation of the prostate gland. In addition, Trichomonas in the process of development produce waste products, which have a negative impact on sperm.

However, it can be noted and lethargic, but all the same symptoms:

  • Burning and stinging that can occur during urination.
  • Early in the morning can be frequent urge to empty the bladder.
  • It is possible to observe streaks of blood in semen or blood.
  • Inflammation can cause a feeling of heaviness and pain in the perineum.

It is important to pay attention to all symptoms as trichomoniasis can lead to infertility, pyelonephritis, urethritis.