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Chancroid - symptoms, photos

Soft chancre or chancroid, a venereal ulcer is a disease of venereal origin. For this disease characterized by deep ulcers, which are in the plural. All the expression is extremely painful, and is localized chancre on the genitals.

Chancroid refers to the disease that

However, the incubation period does not always fit into defined time frame, sometimes it can take up to 10 days.

As for the explicit indication, this formation at the site of infection of the ulcer. You can describe it as follows:

  • Extremely painful.
  • Multiple. In rare cases the ulcer presents in the singular.
  • In place of the expression is easy to open the bleeding.
  • Ulcers do not have specific seals.
  • Grow on the periphery of the penis and tend to merge together.
  • The edges of the ulcer are raised.

With regard to the localization of ulcers, most often they are located on the inner leaf of the prepuce, on the frenulum of the penis, on small and large labia, clitoris. Rarely, but chancroid can be located on the inner surface of the thighs and the anus.

Important! If treatment is not available, the state of shavlinski genitals are for up to three weeks after which the sores begin to heal. The amount of pus is constantly reduced and the ulcer cicatrizes. In General, the process of ulcer healing can take up to 2 months.

During the active period of the disease, the pus from ulcers may flow onto surrounding tissue or mucous membranes.

That the pus spreads to the surrounding tissues, has streptobacillus form on the skin ulcerative lesions. Tellingly, in one patient on the body and in the genital area can be detected very fresh as ulcers and old dripping pus or already healing and scarring.

Complications and symptoms

If left untreated chancroid, there is a high probability of development of disease and lymph node involvement.

_ppevYOgZuA3Limphangit and lymphadenitis can be attributed to the complications of the specific character, as they are caused by a penetration into the lymphatic system of the pathogen chancroid.

It regional lymphadenitis is the most typical symptom of chancroid. It is usually presented by acute inflammation in the affected area of the skin and develops on 3-4 week of illness.

Swollen lymph nodes depending on the location of the chancre. For example, localization in the genital area leads to the fact that increasing the inguinal, and in some cases, and femoral lymph nodes.

Include the following symptoms with the inflammationlymph nodes:

  • Increase site noticeable to the naked eye, sometimes the inflammation reaches serious dimensions.
  • The lymph nodes are characterized by high morbidity.
  • Spike observed among themselves and with the surrounding host tissues.
  • When walking the pain increases and the skin in the affected area rubs against clothes, even more inflamed.

After the inflammation is "Mature", magcountry bubo softens and bursts. It implies a large amount of pus.

As soon as the bubo is opened and drained, in its place formed expression. On the ulcer can either be completely cleansed of pus and

Before you take biological material for the study ulcer must be subjected to treatment with a solution of sodium chloride. The material selected several pieces of fabric with obvious signs of necrosis.