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Secrets revealed AIDS: what is true and what is false

Starting from the moment in 80 years of last century, AIDS was first announced this "plague", science has made considerable progress in his study. Conducted thousands of clinical studies, and tens of thousands of lab, and doctors are now ready to reveal many secrets of this disease. And it's not only about its origin but also the methods of treatment, maintenance of the patient.

Unfortunately, despite all efforts, medicine is still unable to provide AIDS vaccines, limiting preventive measures and medications to support the immune system of the patient at a high level, plus there is a treatment of all the connected illnesses.

However, it should be noted that progress in strengthening the quality of preventive treatment, we can note literally around the world.

In addition, the fight against AIDS raised public organizations that also contribute to the search for a cure and to improving the quality of treatment of patients.

What is used today

First and foremost in the prevention and Scientists were able to figure out what human cells adapt themselves, along with drugs, to ensure that the maximum to resist the virus.

However, the most interesting is that such a transformation of cells occurs at the level of constant psychological pressure on the brain, directly or indirectly, gives new orders to the cell structure. It's just a theory, but it causes a huge amount of interest in this direction, work is underway.

Today has not made a final decision, in which direction should focus their efforts. The fact that the work is carried out in two main areas. The first implies that we need a vaccine that will act as a prophylactic vaccination. It will be administered to all such vaccination will avoid the risk of infection.

The second area is work to create vaccines, medicines that can help infected the patient.

For universal vaccination, there are enough compelling arguments that speak in the first place that such a method will allow to solve a problem and people will continue to take a different attitude towards the danger of HIV.

However, here there are voices that the vaccine, even if it is ready, you will not be able to provide a 100% guarantee and security of the person. And this moment will begin to reduce the attention and responsibility of people to the problem, which always entails the spread of any disease and AIDS is no exception.

The question you can see on the one hand, the fact is, and it's not a mystery already solved a long time ago, after infection and before the onset of the first symptoms of AIDS can take years and all this time the patient carrier is a potential hazard,as the spread of a virus. Therefore, prophylactic vaccination in this case, significantly reduces the risk of contamination and spread of disease further.

In any case, all this is still only at the stage of theoretical speculation, since in practice there is no one encouraging fact that the vaccine is on the way.

We should also mention that all treatments are now being used in the process required the spread of AIDS in the body must constantly replace each other, that the virus has not developed immunity to them, and haven't stopped responding to treatments.