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Trichomonas vaginitis - causes, symptoms and treatment

Trichomonas colpitis or, as it is called, Once on the vaginal mucosa, Trichomonas begins not just to reproduce quickly, but also to produce a special substance that is similar to the structure of the tissues of the body. It is a kind of defense mechanism of the parasite, which seriously complicates diagnostics.

Important! Infection occurs through the absolute form of sexual contact, even through anal or oral. Therefore, trich can not be insured, not using barrier contraception, i.e. condom.

In extremely rare cases the infection through underwear, for example. But this is refers to the violation of elementary norms and rules of personal hygiene.

Trichomonas colpitis is developing quickly especially with the decline in immunity, vitamin deficiency and endocrine disorders. Can all of these points lead to additional risk factors.

Symptoms of the disease

Trichomonas in the vagina often leads to acute or chronic form of vaginitis, which is accompanied by cervicitis and in rare cases proctitis. Among the main symptoms of vaginitis:

  • Appearance whiter.
  • A feeling of strong itching and burning in the region of the labia and vagina.
  • Constant feeling of heaviness in the abdomen.
  • During a pelvic exam, it can be observed that the mucous membrane of the vulva hyperemia.
  • From the vagina there are selection of white or yellowish color, which can be quite abundant.
  • Despite this, at the first sign of problems you need to seek medical help, because if it is not treated Trichomonas vaginitis leads to the development of circular erosion of the cervix.

    It may be noted that one of the most frequent symptoms is pain during intercourse, and spotting of blood vaginal discharge.

    Important! The disease needs to be treated not only women but also a sexual partner. Relapse occurs instantly if a man is the carrier of Trichomonas.


    When diagnosticada one rule of therapy – the treatment is necessarily directed to all areas where there is localization of Trichomonas. This means that therapy will be subjected to the vagina and cervix.

    During treatment advised to refrain from sexual intercourse, and alcohol consumption. It's not a strict ban, but a recommendation, which aims to increase the effectiveness of treatment.

    In addition, throughout the course of treatment of Trichomonas vaginitis, the doctor conducts tests to see the picture of the impact of therapy.

    Basically, treatment of Trichomonas vaginitis is antibiotics. It can be pills, candles. Among the drugsnote:

    • Ocarbon,
    • Furazolidone
    • Trichomonacid,
    • Gramicidin,
    • Have tricholoma,
    • Hexicon

    In addition, the doctor uses:

    • Drugs to restore the normal microflora of the vagina.
    • Restorative treatment, which is necessary in the fall of immunity.
    • A diet which excluded fried and salty meals.
    • The immunomodulators.
    • Vitamin complexes.

    As an additional treat, you can use douching for medicinal herbs. Complete cure comes only after a smear on the state of the microflora is completely absent of trichomonad.