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Ureaplasma urealyticum in women - symptoms, treatment

Urealyticum Ureaplasma ureaplasmosis or relates to the disease which is transmitted sexually and affects the urinary system.

The reasons for the development

This pathology is caused by Ureaplasma, and is divided into two types: 1) parvum and 2) T-960, at least that is how they will appear in the transcript analysis.

Note that Ureaplasma first identified in 1954, the causative agent belongs to the family Mycoplasmatales, thus, we can conclude that the Ureaplasma is and carry mycoplasmosis, with one exception, he is able to break down uric acid to ammonia. The main route of transmission – sexual, but occasionally can occur the option transfer and vertical way from mother to child during passage through the genital tract.уреаплазмоз в мазке

What is most interesting is consensus about the illness there. Some experts attribute it to the pathogenic microorganism, but it is believed that it is not necessary even to prescribe treatment, if there is specific symptoms. There is no consensus and health organisations in Russia, the disease is excluded from the list of sexually transmitted diseases, but who klassificeret of the agent, as agent, which leads to sexually transmitted infections.

In addition, the disease remains poorly understood, and different experts perceive and interpret differently.


Before talking about symptoms, it is necessary to understand that the ureaplasmosis concerns to latent infection. If it's only present in the body, it almost does not manifest itself in symptoms. Does not happen with no specific allocations, which are so typical in most sexually transmitted diseases, or pain, burning sensation when urinating.

However, the main problem is that the ureaplasmosis may not be the only disease, and if it is passed through sexual contact with other disease problems are serious enough.

Thus, to determine the disease is impossible, in the absence of symptoms, so diagnosing it can only be the result of laboratory analysis.

Danger during pregnancy

Despite the fact that the ureaplasmosis occurs without symptoms and is hidden, it does not mean that the problem safe. First and foremost, the biggest risk exists for the patient during pregnancy.

Like any urogenital Mycoplasma, the agent would "straddle" the sperm cell, which ultimately prevents him to move normally, but in this case, the sperm cannot reach the egg. Define the main complications that may meet:

  • Miscarriage.
  • Premature birth.
  • Infection of the fetus in the womb.

Allthese moments often occur, especially if infection occurs with another concomitant infection.

That is why the doctors are so strict about the survey question women on the subject of venereology before the planned conception.

What tests determine Ureaplasma

Primarily a good and informative data shows a swab that is taken in men from the urethra, while women with vaginal walls. If smear is not very informative, it is the so-called sowing. The biological material is placed in a special nutrient medium in which to begin to develop the infection. As a result, determined that it

A great method of determination is to work with the DNA of exciter (PCR), it is quite informative way. In addition, good results can be obtained, and during a routine ultrasound.

Ultrasonic examination carried out in respect of the appendages of the uterus in women and prostate in men.

Important! The final diagnosis to put right, given the number of analyses carried out in different ways. Ultimately, it is so possible to pick up not only the right antibiotic that will provide the necessary influence on the disease, but to choose the adequate concentration.


Ureaplasma urealyticum – belong to conditionally pathogenic microorganisms, i.e., they are able to cause disease only when certain adverse conditions of the body. And one of these conditions should be present in the body other disease that would be transmitted sexually.

The most appropriate treatment, according to many experts, lies in the following diagram:

  • If detected in the analyses only one Ureaplasma are immunomodulators.
  • Magnetotherapy.
  • Treatment with absorbing effect.

The whole scheme is intended to prepare the body for the future administration of antibacterial drugs.

But after the first stage, the doctor can note and attached a condition that had not manifested. In this case, already assigned to therapy based on the type of venereal or infectious diseases.

The control of the body is held a month after the last treatment with antibacterial drug. The forecast is favorable.